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  1. Yeah exactly. What would be your guess what broke? Turned the board off after a session and it didn't power up the next time. May be a short caused by humidity/condensation, it definitely wasn't a mosfet blowing at full load. Definitely somewhere in the CPU VRM though.
  2. Hi, got a question for the REX gurus. I have a REX that I benched on SS and DICE for many years. One day, it didn't turn on again. I found out there is a short somewhere: If I only connect the 24pin ATX plug, the board powers up. If I also connect the additional 4/8 pin 12V, it immediately turns off and the PSU makes some weird noises. I noticed the Fujitsu supercap on the back of the socket getting really hot. It's probably fried, so I took it off, but it didn't solve the issue. Could it be the memory supercap too? Or maybe NB? I'm getting okay throughput resistances on the mem and NB
  3. Hey guys, I'm still on a 2700X @ X370 Crosshair. I wanna upgrade my CPU but I don't wanna buy a new board for one generation after which they'll change the socket. I know HWBot is not strictly the place to ask for buyers advice - but it IS the place to ask for weird mod BIOS versions So, is running the new CPUs on an X370 even theoretically possible? Any chance someone can build a mod BIOS for this? My system is available for testing and I also still have my SS for some OC.
  4. Hey guys, this card worked for about 3 years as a daily driver (wasn't OCed) when it started to crash the PC. It would just shut off instantly, like when it's a PSU issue. The PSU was fine though. I replaced the card and the problem went away. I finally got around to repairing the card and traced the problem down to one of the Mosfets. The card powered up when I would leave the 8-pin out - the 8-pin powers the lower 4 GPU Mosfets - and sure enough, one of them was fried (no resistance between two of the pads). The card powers up fine with the 8-pin in now, although the lower 4 Mosfet
  5. Isn't "0d" what you get when you enter BIOS? Like, when POST is complete but the board doesn't go to boot right away but is either in BIOS or throwing an error like no CPU fan speed detected or something like that? If you're not getting a POST, I would suggest looking at the GPU maybe, because the board itself seems to (nearly) complete the POST. This is purely out of memory though.
  6. Hello guys, I have some weird behavior going on between my 7600K and my Asus Z270 Apex and hope some of you can help. The history looks like this: I used the board and CPU with SS at first and achieved around 5.9-6GHz at 1,65V iirc. Everything worked fine. Then I switched to CPU@water and used my SS to bench legacy GPUs. The CPU used to run at about 5.3-5,55GHz at up to 1.475V on water. Did that many times and the board never missed a beat. Two weeks after one of those sessions I went to turn it on again and only got a "00" post code. Tried everything, didn't work. Next, I sent the
  7. Hey guys, my REX also randomly died after laying in the closet for a few months. It appears to have a short in the CPU VRM. With only the ATX Plug connected, it powers up, but no POST of course. With the 8 Pin CPU connected, it powers up for a few milliseconds before it immediately shuts down again and won't power up until I reset the PSU. I checked all mosfets and drivers, no shorts anywhere. Could it be one of the Fujitsu caps (like the one on the back of the socket maybe)? Can I test that somehow? Can you desolder them with a heatgun and not damage other critical components? Would rea
  8. I'm gonna wait for Gawl's answer since I'd love to sell all at once. But here are the ss of yesterdays testing. I didn't ss everything and I tested mem individually, but should give you some ideas.
  9. 270 including shipping? ----- Pics included, topic edited accordingly.
  10. I'm done with all of my exams and being ill, so I finally got to test the 580s again. Sorry for the wait. I can't get the EVGA Classfied voltage tool to work on Windows 10, but I'll check for ASIC quality and OC capability on stock voltage (1.175V). If you guys have tips on the voltage tool or are interested in something else, I just ripped apart my 24/7 watercooling loop to test the Hydros again, so now would be the time First card has 72,9% ASIC, running OC tests now... Seems to do around 1015/2030/1150 on stock volts (1,175V) Second card has a whopping 85,1% ASIC and 1,15V
  11. Price update: 720€ Also cleaned and restored the 580 Classies and will test them shortly.
  12. @Fasttrack Yea I will, thank you for your interest. @Gawl86 The pricing on those is difficult. I gotta go by what I find in the HWBot marketplace - there are 2 aircooled ones at 150€ each on sale right now. That seems a bit high to me so I'd say 100€/card for my Hydro Coppers? I hope that's somewhat in the ballpark. So with about 20€ shipping in mind, I could offer you 210€ including shipping for both Classies. Either way, I know that also depends on overclockability, condition etc. I don't have the original packaging or accessories for them. I know that last time I tested t
  13. Hey guys, gonna have to let my trusty 1080Ti Lightning go. The card comes from BenchBros in Germany and was benched on LN2 with black electrical tape insulation once - in SLI with another card. It did around 2.4GHz iirc. But for the past year, it ran in my gaming PC on watercooling flawlessly. (Mostly ran on 2012MHz@0,975V or around that mark, but you can crank it up past 2,1GHz if you really want. Memory speeds on these Lightnings are also really amazing, I can easily run +500 24/7 and I think I stopped trying on +700 or so.) --> New OC results below. It really just was my daily driv
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