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  1. Update: With an E6750, 2x2GB OCZ Reaper memory and the latest BIOS, the board started behaving suprisingly well. Running SuperPi at 330MHz FSB no mods whatsoever, not even changed mem timings or voltages yet. I've got an E5800 on the way, then it's getting serious.
  2. There you go. Took it from here: https://soggi.org/motherboards/asrock.htm 775Dual-VSTA_3.19a (Beta).rom Edit: You might need the ASRock Flash utility in DOS to flash this. Just download the DOS Version of any of these BIOSes: https://www.asrock.com/mb/via/775dual-vsta/#BIOS - the flasher is bundled with them. I received a 775 DUAL VSTA today and it's working, but it's not behaving with OC. If I only up the FSB from 200 to 210 with an E4500, it's already getting unstable. I will try fiddling with the mem settings but I remember why OCing these boards with FSB was a time-intensive and frustrating endeavor. Luckily, there are some great starting points in this thread.
  3. Found a donor board on Kleinanzeigen (craigslist) in Germany. Can be closed
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for the passive cooling elements of a R4E. Black edition also possible if they're the same. Should be in good visual condition. Thermal pads and mounting hardware appreciated, but not necessary. I want to get rid of the watercooling on my board (EKWB), maybe someone even wants to swap
  5. I agree, but Mem is really weird on this one. Does 1250 on air and then can barely hit default clock (1100) with GPU turned up. Would be a lot more fun still with decent mem clocks :)
  6. Thanks, will try (hopefully there are XP audio drivers for this).
  7. I'm benching an old ATi X1300 right now and I've had a rather unique problem while trying to benchmark Heaven. All other benchmarks run fine, card wasn't even overclocked at this point. Driver is Catalyst 8.9 on Windows XP 32 bit. Rest of system: 7600K@5.3GHz, 16GB DDR4 3200 CL15, Asus Z270F Strix Gaming. Only thing I can think of is this: I used the old BenchOS that I set up with my Z270 Apex. I didn't get SMBus, PCI-E, NVME or USB drivers installed for this other board (but as I said, everything else works perfectly). Maybe that has something to do with it. Any hints?
  8. Hey thanks guys :D It's a pretty beefy PCB for such a card from the factory. The IHS is just on there to stop the chips from breaking when I mount my SS. Simple and effective, even if it looks kinda dumb. :D I even had to tilt the IHS so I could still get to the mounting holes.
  9. Hey guys, I got a working Z270 XP that I did on my Maximus 9 Apex. That board since went kablamo. I want to keep using that Windows with a Z270F Gaming Strix. It boots and works but I don't have any chipset or USB support. Any hints? I don't think there's a mod bios for that board and I can't install any of the drivers pinned in the startpost because of too old windows version (they're all Win7+). I'm not even sure I can reinstall XP on that board without a modded BIOS.
  10. Card is still available, @Perica_barii is currently not replying. Taking offers.
  11. My new GPU arrived from RMA today, cooler is already back installed on the 1080Ti Lightning. Card is ready for sale after a few final tests I'm gonna do later today, just to make sure everything is running as it's supposed to. Here's a fresh FSE run and photo proof. Link: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/75402657? Fan Speed under 1200rpm, RGB fully working. And the Log of running Metro Exodus for twenty minutes at default.
  12. Asking price lowered to 450€. My 6800XT RMA should hopefully be here next week.
  13. My new card arrived, but was sadly defective. So I need to RMA that first and still need my 1080Ti until I get it back. Just to update, feel free to make offers in the meantime.
  14. Hello everyone, it's time to find a good new home for my 1080Ti Lightning. I bought the card from benchbros in 2017 - they isolated the card with plastidip and did a shunt mod. Ran the card one time @LN2, did like 2400MHz iirc. They got the card directly from MSI, but in retail packaging and condition. The last 5 years, this baby has been my dead reliable gaming card. Never benched it again, ran it watercooled (usual gaming temps were like 40-45°C). With original Lightning Z BIOS, runs 1999-2012MHz @ 1,05-1,062V by default. Selling the card because I'm upgrading. Going to do some final testing with the 1080Ti and the original cooler back installed when my new card is here. Also going to take pictures of the PCB then so you can take a look at the plastidip etc. Comes in original box with all accessories, cleaned, original cooler installed with new Arctic MX2 thermal paste, RGB and card working 100%. Asking price: 475€ 450€ Shipping in Germany: 7€, Shipping EU: ~16€, depending on the country.
  15. Hey guys, so long story short, I got good old Win XP 100% working on my B550 Aorus Elite V2 and 5800X CPU. I haven't done a lot of testing yet but currently it seems like the CPU performance is a bit higher on my 24/7 Win10. I can run legacy benchmarks and GPUs on XP though. 06 CPU score seems quite good. I can't even tell if the CPU is boosting correctly since CPU-Z and HWInfo don't really display useful information. I'm gonna try setting fixed clocks in BIOS. Maybe disabling Hyperthreading would boost scores - I'm not sure if XP / 06 can even handle 16 threads properly. If you have some ideas or useful information, go for it. For example, I'm not sure if scores will be valid even, because of clock generator/timing issue... Original reason why I attempted to get this working, is because my 7600K + Z270 Apex quit working a few years ago, and I didn't have a bench setup for legacy GPUs anymore. Now I can bench them on my 24/7 setup, although I'm not sure how competitive. But surely Ryzen 5000 singlecore boost at 5 GHz will be plenty enough to get the last out of, like, a 8600GT.
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