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Someone reported my Unigine DX11 submission: http://hwbot.org/submission/2663750_stivut_unigine_heaven___xtreme_preset_geforce_gtx_980_4329.2_dx11_marks

I've been working for hours, step by step, to get this score as you can see in attachament.

You can also search ALL my Unigine DX11 submissions, and you will see the scores increesed step by step. I didn't used any tweaks or tricks!

True Monkey and pxhx obteined very similar scores with mine, so, it's nothing wrong or impossible with my score!!!

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I just checked the result. Unfortunately it's a common thing that people report higher scores just because they are better.


Yeah right, but it isn't the case... ;)



His score was blocked for this reason "Out of line , impossible score by mhz used." but the another guy with lower GPU clock and a higher result is fine? I really don't see the "out of line" on this result, seems ok for a 1500+ / 2000+run.

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