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trans am - Core i5 660 @ 5538.8MHz - 8sec 671ms wPrime 32m

trans am

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sorry massman and gigabyte. I just noticed I dont have the board cpuz shot in this one. but please take my word for it. the only boards I would even bother with are the mitx giga board and the ud2h. this is the ud2h. the mitx older brother. @ gigabyte these are some of the best motherboards ever made. they are true engineering masterpieces. I had no luck on gigabyte and bad luck since the 478 days and i tried 754, 939, etc etc. ive blown a lot of money on gigabyte in the past and I was pissed off at you guys for a long time and swore I would never buy another gigabyte board again. until these came out. they are my all time fav boards and I made me repspect gigabyte again. please make more boards like these in the future. you guys are on a roll and need to keep going in this direction of making simple inexpensive boards that can clock like these because people like me dont have sponsors and just overclock to overclock and have to pay for each piece of hdwr we use. everyone has no expectations of the $100 level. now you made us have expectations from these boards. the only company I can think of that comes close is biostar but gig bios is more refined and easier to work in. no offence to biostar but gigabyte seems easier to understand for me. I dont have time to mess around in bios for hours....

I have to work at a job and i dont have time like i did in the past to mess around in bios and learn every setting like Chew can. the gigabyte boards are excellent to get ripping right away. keep making this kind of boards. they fill a much needed gap. if i were to explain to someone new to overclocking I would say these boards are the enthusiast boards that cost the same as a board you would build for grandmother. if grandmother wanted to overclock then she'd be set. I want to overclock and the h55n-ud2h is the board you would buy for grandma's rig but while she was asleep you would overclock the crap out of it.

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with the cb mod from cookiemonster I was at around between -110 - -130 on this board. I wish I had another. the max3F is not cutting it on my 660 past -85c and I did the mod. even if It did go colder it wouldnt matter because the max3F wouldnt come close to the bclk on the GA boards. flow me a board. I have 3 dead ones GA can refurb. 2 x ,h55n mini itx and 1 udh2 All i want is one more. if gigabyte sent me another I'd rerun all you want. but until then this is all I can show for it. ask anyone on xs and check my hw submissions from august and july. im good for it.

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