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  1. nevermind, I thought the cpu was limited to 2800 in both stages. sorry man. nice clocks! that board you have is crazy!
  2. Tilt, you me, uncle steve and acorn know I would never cheat. get over it. quit reporting me for cheating. you are just sour because you are not 1st. get a grip. wtf is fancy cache? dude just because I beat you doesnt mean i cheated. get off your high horse. you should be worried about mike, fugger, and paul a. I hope you can pull a rabbit our of your ass. you are gonna need it. The greeks are screwed, the french are next. just because the euro is messed up doesnt give u the right to be a jackass. i'd be pissed too my country was the laughing stock of the global economy. but no matter how bad things got I would at least have some dignity and respect. your pathetic actions to make me look bad are known. You are a laughing matter at this point. I dont know what happened to you but I've talked to many and they all agree. You are a jack$ass! Get off your high horse and get on the jackass instead. You were meant for eachother. jackass!
  3. yeah man I see what you're saying but If youre getting no lock and fine on the same bios and then suddenly you boot back into win like I did and its stuck at 35x. same bios same everything. board just decides on its own to lock at a certain multi. wtf? I was benching 32m just fine and then I rebooted and its screwed all of a sudden/ no ln2. on h2o only 5ghz. temps were 24c. 1.45vcore and 1.85vdimm.
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