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Corsair2000C7 /2500K/ Blades/ TR-Cooler


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Welcome to my sales thread




1. Intel Core i5 2500K


Works, used for some retro tests including 5ghz low clock runs, and some gaming^^ - good condition, this cpu was once a boxed but now comes with booklet only.

jd801374ajug7.jpg jd801381fpsrv.jpg


2. 3x2GB Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-2000 C7-8-7-20 1,65v


Triple kit, identical sns, I tested all three sticks in different configurations yesterday with memtest86 and in windows on two different platforms, they worked without problems. Very good Hypers, I was able to run these from 1866 6-6-6-18 to 2000,2133 and 2200 7-7-6-20 on z77, z87 and z97, 2400C8 also was no problem. My last set of Hypers, I contemplated a lot but decided to sell rather than see them unbenched in the future in my drawer.

jd801377w2uot.jpg corsair2000c71067c7ti7dzh7.jpg


3. 3x2GB OCZ Blade DDR3-2000 C9-9-9-30


Working, I ran these at 2400 8-11-8-27 on socforce and 2600 8-12-8-28 on Impact with the matching psc profiles but think they might be BDBG. Didin´t remove HS.



4. Thermalright True Spirit 120M BW


New, only unpacked, never used because I did not realize project it was supposed to be used for




Items are located at Berlin, germany, payment is possible with paypal or western union. Depending on the item, shipping is 10-15 euros at EU, for other countries the price may be higher


Prices without shipping

1. 120 Euros sold

2. 150 Euros sold

3. 50 Euros sold

4. 20 Euros



Disclaimer: no returns, items are sold as seen on the pictures and are tested to work. No warranty provided by me, being a private seller I rule this out. Please take in that especially used mems can be hard on compability on new platforms, if you think you can´t handle this, don´t buy

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