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joe90br - Core i5 655k @ 4700.9MHz - 16390 marks PCMark Vantage


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Opa, grande Jaime, que fans são essas que sopram no True ?

e porque tem gente que só faz a PCMark Suite e outros(como o seu bench) que testam tudo ? Acredito eu que testando tudo é óbvio que faz mais pontos do que testando apenas a primeira suite, correto ?


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all the suites? thats like an hour of ln2. is this this secret?


for the guys that cant speak portuguese he said


"Oops, great James, who are these fans that blow on True? and because there are people that only makes the PCMark Suite and others (like your bench) testing everything? I believe that everything is obvious that testing makes testing more points than just the first suite, right? Hug."


I'll try running the hours worth of benches instead of just the 1st suite. Maybe you're onto something here. @ PSR. nice job with the covert language to throw us off. You can blame Sepultura for my knowledge of portuguese language.

max and igor would be proud.

keep it up :)


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