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CPU submission clearification please


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I have a Celeron 800mhz Willamette socket-423 but the only era I could find was for Pentium 3/celeron 800mhz Coppermine socket-370.

Please let me know the correct area. If there is none could it be added?




Also dont know if I had to make a seperate thread but:

Could you also add the mobo too?


TH7-Raid i850-W83627HF

chipset: i850E


I couldnt seem to find it listed here


One last one, Is there a RDRAM pc-800 for maxxmem & memory clock?

Thank you so very very much...

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1) Don't know what is this CPU. Turrican will help you better than me


2)For the motherboard :

If some Hardware(CPU/GPU/Motherboard...) are missed on HWBot, here is what you have to do :

1) Don't submite in the wrong cathegory.

2) If you are not sure about the hardware used, CPU seems missed on HWBot, add a ticket, the moderator will reply to you ASAP : saying ''New CPU added on HWBot, or your CPU is already added it's this one : /URL/''.


How to add a ticket :


Step 1)

You are on HWBot main page, clic the Forum button :




Step 2)

clic the helpcenter button :




Step 3)

Clic ''Add new ticket'' button :




Step 4)

Here you are ;)




For exemple :




Don't forget to add a CPU-Z link(for CPU)

a GPU-Z pic(for GPU)

a CPU-Z/Everest pic(for Motherboard)



The ''support ticket'' moderator will check your ticket ASAP ;)


3) Yeah there is a RDRAM ranking.

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It appears that the chip might be an engenniers sample and cpuz is reading it inccorectly.

But to be honest Antinomy could explaine it much better than I could.

I will resubmit my request when I have cleared this up.

Thank you very much...

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added pics
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