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R3E + 3x ENGTX480 overclock help please


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Hey all, new here, been overclocking and messing with computers for years.


trying to get my Tri setup to overclock a little more, would like to break the 900 barrier. The most I can get right now is


core 875

mem 1945

voltage 1.2


whenever I go over 875 i get a display has stopped responding error.


currently I have IOH/ICH @ 1.36/1.59v for both NB/SB, Everything is watercooled on independent loops, CPU, GPU's and NB/SB.


GPU temps max out at 52c under full load, CPU 52c and NB/SB 39c.


I have the unlocked bios on my cards allowing my voltage to go to a maximum of 1213 as displayed in afterburner and even with the voltage maxed I can't get past 875mhz.


I've tried dropping the mem down to stock and pushing the core up but still no luck.


Should i consider getting a bios to allow me to go higher than 1213 ?

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Have you tested all cards separately?


In 3-Way SLI, the maximum stable frequency is determined by the worst of all three cards. It's possible that one card just doesn't want to do 900MHz.


Hmm, I will give that a go today, since i can just disable each PCI-E slot on the R3E

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