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The 'find similar result' feature

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As brought up in this thread: http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=13456




Heh, I have a bit better tools being able to go through the database :D.


It's getting more of an experiment to figure out how to set up the 'find similar results'-feature. I imagine we'd need different level of searches depending on how similar you want the results to be. Eg: if you are running SPI32M on a DDR2 platform, DDR3 scores are perhaps not interesting. Or maybe they are. I don't know.


We can grab the type of application from the database, so we can make GPU type unimportant for CPU app searches. Apart from that, I would define levels as:




- level 1: cpu_core, cpu_oc (range of 500MHz?), limit to 20 results (10 better and 10 worse)

- level 2: + mb_chipset, memType

- level 3: + mb_model




Any suggestions? Differences between GPU products within one core or family are often huge (GTS450 and GTX480). A lot more variables go into 3D benching as well


- level 1: gpu (="GTX480"), gpucooling

- level 2: + mb_chipset, cpucooling

- level 3: + cpu_core



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