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5ghz core 5ghz uncore 4790K


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does 32m 5ghz core and uncore @ 1.45v +/- 0.015


It can do 5ghz core with much lower voltage if you aren't driving up the uncore though.

chip topped out at about 5.4 or so on phase


I think I only used it on water for a few weeks for testing before using it on phase


I got this chip off L0ud so it is one of the best 4790K for the 5ghz challenge


Onto cold results IMC is STRONG I was doing c6-10-6 2980 on my KO-8117 PSC


ALL my 4790K subs were done on this cpu, so there is no better p[place to see what it does than my submissions







and the 5ghz 32m pi challenge


voltages are


corev 1.45v

uncorev 1.45v

SA +.350

VCCIN 1.55v


1.35vcore for x50 CPU multi and x47 uncore with 1.35v as well.


SA needs to be 0.350, leave IOA and IOD on auto (this is on the Z97 OCF of course)

1.4v core and 1.4v cache for 5000 core /4800-4900 uncore on good air cooler or water

vccin is perfect at 1.55v for 5Ghz, 4c 4t


With those settings I have 6 dimms that can run 2750 8-12-8-28 tight on the 125 strap, sadly none of them do 2800 on air, cold is necessary for that.



For this truly fantastic processor I am asking 360USD.








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Guest Sinebrychof

Amazing IMC, core isnt really good but nice to see some nice memory numbers. My 4790k that passes cinebench 5ghz at 1.285v cant even post 2666 psc dual channel >.>.

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