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Impossible to submit Celeron 336 CPU score

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Todays I just for fun started playing with my ASRock 775i65g board:


ASRock_775i65g_1.jpg ASRock_775i65g_2.jpg


At first I tried to use the lowest S775 CPU I have - a Celeron 336... and surprisingly, when I tried to submit score with it, it keep complaining that "Processor is required for 2D benchmarks!" :mad:


Now obviously the question is, why "Celeron 336" or "Celeron D 336" is not accepted by HW bot at all. And nothing usable is suggested either... I noticed, that "Celeron 220" is acceptable (and get suggested), but not 336... why is the whole line of Celerons missing? Not supported at all?

Should I lie and choose the Celeron 220, just to get score submited?!


Or how else can I submit score with THIS cpu:







I'm open for all suggestions :celebration:

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Hey, gosh, thanks! That worked right away... IMHO it is still bug, because intel does not name the CPU "Celeron LGA775 336", but just a "Celeron 336", resp. "Celeron D 336"...


Done: http://hwbot.org/submission/2848586_trodas_cpu_frequency_celeron_lga775_336_3144_mhz


Off to see, what is the top clock w/o increasing and Vcore... seems 154MHz x 21 is max...

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

For future reference, try just entering something shorter like 336. The list of things with 336 will then pop up.

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