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Bug in description of CPU? + add image pls


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In the description of Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 is mentioned there:


"Default clock: 2933MHz, 135 Watt."


I believe that this is a mistake. Intel says that the CPU have only 75W TDP:



...so unless I'm mistaken, the 135 watt figure is wrong.


In some processors the "watt" figure is nt even mentioned:




So I have no idea, if this is right or wrong... or if this is even meant to be TDP or what...



Well at least then pls add this image to the Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 CPU:




Thanks! :P



...waiting impatiently for mine to arrive:


Edited by trodas
fixed link, hwbot removed the dot from it :)
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Noproblemo, you guys are welcome. So to clarify - the number using the "watt" figure should be the TDP, right?


(just so I know... yes, the flipside is, tat I could report more bugs when I know, but there should not be a big deal to fix some typos... I do typeerrors all the time, everytime)

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