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Achievements bugged?


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Hello, I'm somewhat new to HWBOT, but I noticed I have 24 MSI mainboard submissions, but the achievement only says I have 16?


I thought maybe it would just take a while to update, but it's been like 1 or 2 weeks now.


There's also an achievement called "receive one golden cup" and I have 4, yet the submission isn't unlocked, and also another one called "receive 10 medals / cups" and I have 12, that isn't unlocked either.


Same thing for points contributed to teams, have 360 or something like that, none of them are unlocked.



If someone could help me fix it, or let me know if I did something wrong that'd be great!



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Try to hit the "recalculate points and achievements" button here: http://hwbot.org/profile/


I did that, should it say " x amount of submissions recalculated, 0 achievements checked"?


I double checked on my profile after, all those achievements I mentioned were bugged are still bugged.



I'll wait awhile and see if it just takes awhile to update I guess.

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