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topdog - Sempron 145 @ 4403MHz - 5899 marks PCMark Vantage

trans am

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Hi trans am

The DFI boards latest BIOS 10/8/2009 does not recognized this cpu and there's nothing I can do about it. The compare link clearly shows it as one core and so does the screenshot.

It's the same with the 140 I have http://www.hwbot.org/community/submission/950850_topdog_wprime_32m_sempron_140_31sec_343ms


Same for turrican http://www.hwbot.org/community/submission/928441_turrican_wprime_32m_sempron_140_43sec_550ms


Same for redhat http://www.hwbot.org/community/submission/997751_redhat_ownage_reference_clock_lanparty_dk_790fxb_m2rsh_450_mhz


Same for Wizerty http://www.hwbot.org/community/submission/1080813_wizerty_cpu_z_sempron_140_5738.05_mhz


All on the same board


Hope you understand

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