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my results not valid?


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i have spotted that my 3d mark results are in 1152x864 while rest of guys is 1280x1024 even though deafult 3d mark 06 stetings is 1280x1024 and i didnt change it coz i have free version

i guess its coz i have 8:5 19" panoramic lcd screen


is that mean that my results are not valid? :( its not my fault i have 19" panoramic lcd display :(

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well so many experts here and my scores were validated... i always posted link to orb... and it was only me who spotted that smth is wrong... anyways i have a question since i have res 1152x864 making it 995328 pixels and valid scores are with 1280x1024 making it 1310720 pixels and 995328/1310720 is 0.759375 can i then make my score for example gotten in 3dmark06 3705x0.759275=2813 marks? :P



anyways guys in front of me in gf8500 256 mb ram ddr2 competition doesent have link to orb and some of their screenshots are in funny resolutions how can u be then sure if they didnt do it on panoramic lcds?


how ... how can u be sure that, when there is only screenshot without a link to orb, someone hasn't had same isu as me?


i see serious flaw in hwbot competition... do u see it also?

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i doubt in my results :P




guy in front of me in 3dmark06 http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=705459 has run his 3dmrak in 1024x768 and u have validated him positively evidence 1: his screen is in 1024x768 evidence 2: u can see on screen that 3dmark is set in XXXXx768 which is prolly 1024x768




guy in front of this guy above http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=697582 how can u say he has run 3dmark in default settings? his screen is strange size 1365x731 and its not even a whole screen has he a 30" display? dont think so rather it was a smaller resolution and resized on what basisc was his result validated?




finally guy who is frst http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=680207 strange score in graphics shadres hdr etc. (weak) for such overclocked card :/ strange that his screenshot resolution is 1280x1024 but screen is cut in upper section :/ possibly resized screenshot

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