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HWbot 3DMark 1999 download infected


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So, when tracking down where I get infected with the cursed Win32.Expiro.102 virus, I ended with situation, where my benching ASRock mobo have an absolutely clean WinXP install + drivers, tested by Dr. Web Cure it repeatedly and no virus.


Then I run 3DMark 1999, freshly downloaded from HWbot page, and during the test, there are jerks. Lower (26k for R9900XT and Core2Duo X6800 Extreme a bit too low) score as well.


Then I run Dr. Web and ... 300+ instances of virus Win32.Expiro.102 are found.




That leave not much room for doubt, but hopefully I'm somewhat mistaken. Pls run the app in sandbox only, I'm 99,999% positive it is infected :(


If found to be true, pls replace with clean wersion, as HWbot should not be known to spread viruses :rolleyes:


...and I'm very sorry if this is somehow proven to be wrong, but I already downloaded 3DMark 1999 from HWbot 3 times and always end with virus.



/me off to try my old backups for these old 3DMarks and we see, if a virus are there again... (before ask, yes, D drive was formatted (1T is too long for format, lol) before the repeated test to be absolutely SURE this did not come from it or any other computer AND the computer is off the network completely and never was connected to network in the first place - just testing mobo on the desk...)

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PS. might be false positive, as the Win32.Expiro.102 is spreading rapidly do the D drive, so maybe are just one for the 3DMarks infected... I deleted all to be sure and get my backups...


For removal / detection this free tool works best: http://free.avg.com/cz-cs/remove-win32-expiro


...and Cinebench 11.5 speed w/o Win32.Expiro.102 jumped from 0.64 ( http://hwbot.org/submission/2864777_ ) to 1.72 points ( http://hwbot.org/submission/2866191_trodas_cinebench___r11.5_core_2_x6800_(2.93ghz)_1.72_points ) ...

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Probably the executable get on D drive infected too, witch lead me to believe that the source was infected?


But better check things twice, you never know :D I was kinda desperate, 3 or 4 times reinstallin winblows and no help, virus is still there? WTF!


So if someone checked, then I hope it was just a false positive and I must get in to the testing computer by other means. Hmmmm.

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