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(FS)TeamGroup 2600C10/ Kingston2400C11/ Apacer2200


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Good morning,

up for sale are three DDR3-kits, all of them are tested and work flawless




1. 4x4GB TeamGroup Xtreem DDR3-2600 Cl10-12-12-31 1,65v


Genuine quad-kit, ICs used are Samsungs, PCB HJ KO8155. Tested on 1155 for 2667 c10 below 1,6v, on Impact VII 2800C9 2-2.05v depending on configuration, mems are strong but my board traditionally is not working too good with some vendors like Team and Corsair, no idea what´s the reason. Excellent condition, SPD says 07/2012, so these are quite old Samsungs, most likely HCH9.

jd8013871xsr0.jpg jd801390m2k47.jpg


2. 2x4GB Kingston HyperxT2 Predator DDR3-2400 C11-13-13-30 1.65v


Solid MFR, tested for 3000c12 1,7v Asrock and 3000 11-14-13-28 tight 1,83v Asus SuperPi 32M. In tray with sticker, invoice of 2014 will be provided at deal.




3. 2x1GB Apapcer Aeolus DDR3-2200 C10-10-10-30 1,65v


Despite the weird specs these are BBSE, I tested them for 2400 8-10-7-21 on Impact around 1,85v, not minimized, these are quite old, 1155 times and spd says 2009. They are no bad performers but personally I see them more as collectors items, nontheless they work flawless and are in very good condition.

jd801397o3uvh.jpg jd801396wyu2n.jpg




1. 180 Euros+shipping sold

2. 60 Euros+shipping

3. 25 Euros+shipping sold


The items are located at germany, shipping cost will vary with location, weight and value, so please ask if you are unsure about that, but in EU for example shipping with deutsche Post will be 4 euros letter or 6 euros signed for with the Apacer for example, and Team with DHL will be around 17 Euros insured. Payment with paypal or western union.




Disclaimer: I´m a private seller, because of this I ule out returns and do not provide warranty as well, if you decide to buy you accept this. Warranty labels on all items are intact, so in unlikely case you kill some of this, vendors warranty is the way to go for you.

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Apacer sold, I made fast test on the Team today to confirm results, they should do better on board with better handling for rtls, in pair they did 2800c9 tight 1,99 and 2,03v



Team Samsungs sold

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