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240usd + shipping. Price chopped & sold

Nothing wrong, just going with a different board to suit my interests. I dont like the bios. I never got used to gigabyte's bios.


Shipping is about 35$ in the us and 85$ intl. 3-5 days






2x 780Ti KPE cards. best of 5. pretty close one has high ASIC and one has low ASIC high one is pretty easy and probably make a good gamer card, unfortunately its covered in Dielectric grease and I didn't get a chance to freeze it so it was all for nothing. Works fine though, I am using it now to game on a little.

one has an acrylic waterblock, one has a acetal waterblock.

they are both flashed with the skyn3t bios 1.3v dmm for the nonDE card for +400mhz and 1.25 for the one with grease on it. I didn't really play with the memory on either.



400$+shipping a piece with block

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