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Nonexisting Asus Maximus VIII Extreme mainboard :)


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Looks like someone get a bit "carried away" and added a Asus Maximus VIII Extreme mobo:



Tought it have and remain to have a zero submissions, the main problem is, that the mobo does not exist:



The ROG series end up with number VII (seven), but the mainboard in question is VIII (eight).


I believe that this is mistake... or someone have some Asus special info and they are planing to extend the Maximus saga of ROG mainboards to the VIII series and HWbot is preparing in advance? :D


In that case, pls strike the thread :D

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Well, they offer (from the VII range) an:


Maximus VII Ranger

Maximus VII Hero

Maximus VII Gene

Maximus VII Formula

Maximus VII Impact


I honestly believe that this is pretty much enought for everyone... except you :) Yes, Extreme is not present. But mayone someone at Asus / HWBot staff know more that we, or know more that can publically admit, so I leave the possibility of my mistake open :)


I just stumbled upon this, as it seems to be a mainboard, that does not exist (at least yet, maybe Asus will hear your thoughts and give us an Extreme versions of their mainboards? Who knows :) ).

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