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due to the webexit from benching and hardware testing a couple of items are up for sale, all work, for details refer to the descriptions




1. Asus Maximus Formula VI C2 boxed


Mint condition, in box, accesory seems to be complete apart from MPCI modul, IO-Shiled, manual, cd, cables, wifi antenna etc are at box. Originally purchased for a combined gaming and test rig I skipped the plan and sell, I don´t need such an expensive highend board anymore. In box with invoice from german online shop


formulav-vi76axpr.jpg formulav-vi8n7bfm.jpg formulav-vi11uazjh.jpg


2. Asus Maximus V Formula boxed


Very good condition, only board I had that could run 2667 psc and BBSE tight at 5ghz and above 32M stable and 2800c9 Sams as well, can go because I do not need a mem-binning or bench board anymore and downgraded to a 1610 Celeron, in box with complete accessory.


jd80139943zbz.jpg jd801402i1u32.jpg


3. Intel Core i7 3770K boxed


Strong cpu, 5ghz 4/8 Spi32M 1,3v, non delidded. Was used for last year country cup 5ghz 32m and ran 2667 tight on psc and bbse imc on air. It is an original boxed, batch 3226, which comes in the box of another cpu due to first owner grabbing this at a binning session :D. Can go because I downgraded and do not need strong cpu like this anymore




4. Intel Pentium G3258 boxed


Decent clocker, 5ghz air wprime and superpi 32M 1,4v on air on Z97 SOCForce, good uncore, 4,5ghz tested 1,27v on OCF, on which I also did 5ghz/4,5ghz 2860 C9 Samsung runs on air which worked easily. In box with cooler if needed


5. 2x4GB Kingston HyperX Predator DDR3-2400 C11-13-13-30


MFR, never maxed, 3000 C11 1,85v Asus tight profile worked, 2800 11-13-13 was easy. In box with invoice from german online shop




6. 4x2GB G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3-1600GBRM C7-8-7-24 1,6v


Strong on voltage, weakness on trcd at haswell - one kit easily does 2600 8-12-8-28 all tight 1,82v, not less tested, and 2667 all tight 8-13-8-28 1,85v, it boots 12 but fails 32m air normal ambient, other benches work, second kit 2667 all tight subs 1,80v, should work with less, 8-13-10-28, 9 might work as well for trp but one stick is handbrake. Because of the excellent behaviour at voltage and tight subs incl. twcl6 these are decent on air, and should be a good option to go on cold at which trcd and trp-limits are extended. ST 8layer pcb and XDX-PSC




Prices (shipping not included)

1. 150 Euros now 135 Euros

2. 150 Euros sold

3. 240 Euros sold

4. 100 Euros sold

5. 60 Euros sold

6. 125 Euros


Items are located in germany, shipping depends on wieght and size, bix box like the Formulas will be 17 Euros in EU, smaller stuff like cpus or mems will be cheaper. For worldwide shipping send a PM and I will get you quote


Disclaimer: Private sale, therefore no returns, I do (did) this as hobby and cannot provide warranty or guaratee, this is shop and manufacturer issue. All items are tested though and work, on oc, ymmv, but I test on air using retail components

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