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(FS)4790K/ PSC(2720 air)/ SocForce boxed


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up for sale are my current bench psc and a couple of more or less untested kits, my last haswell i7 and a Gigabyte Z97 SOCForce boxed, for further details please refer to the items descriptions. This is most likely my last sale for quite a while, so if you wait for better things to come, I have to disappoint you :D




1. Intel core i7 4790K boxed retail


Solid cpu, was originally bought for a 24/7 build before I decided to stay with 1155. Tested for SPi32M 4/8 5ghz 1,29v air, non delidded, original box and cooler can be part of the deal


jd80142617sdv.jpg 4790k13v5ghz4-8lcsbh.jpg


2. Gigabyte Z97 SOC Force boxed retail


The board comes including box and full accessories, Bios is flashed to X04 and F7 on chip 2. Originally bought for 24/7 use but I only made some checks on function after I bought another 3770k to stay at XP and 1155 for old games

jd801419zfsa2.jpg jd801429i2swx.jpg jd801430yjk52.jpg


3. Lot of 3x2gb Trident 2000c9 and 2x2GB Flare 1800C7(X-PSC)


My Current bench kit which I used over last year, to make it short, 4 sticks are capable of 2667++ C8 tight, 5th does at least 2600 c8 tight 1,85v D. All five sticks use x-psc, all have superteam 8-layer PCB, it took me quite a while to bin these.

Best two sticks (Flare+trident1003) tested for 1335 8-12-9-28 tight 1,85v and 1363 8-12-9-28 tight 1,9v

Next two sticks (trident 1003) tested for 1335 8-12-9-28 tight 1,865v, 1350 8-12-9-28 1,9v, not maxed.

All tests were done on air on various board with various cpus, no matter if Asus or Asrock for example, results were reproducable, sticks have never been on cold and never saw more than 1,90v with me. All sticks have a solid trcd limit, some do trcd 10 stable 2400 on haswell or Ivy, and even the 2600 capable sticks might do the job on cold or run 2667 air with enough volts.



Kit 1

flare23trident88136382bjtx.jpg flare23t881335c8185vfmu3e.jpg

Kit 2



4. 2x2GB G.Skill Flare 2000C9


Work flawless, no serious oc results, I made only fast test for 2600 8-12-8 lately, this needs around 1,91v iirc.




5. 2x2GB Exceleram VX 2000C7


the kit is extremely uneven, while one stick does 2400 8-11-8-28 at 1,65v the second one needed 1,71v for same frequency at 8-12-9-28. 8117 pcb





1. 310 Euros+shipping sold to dx4picco, payment pending

2. 100 Euros+shipping sold

3. 220 Euros+shipping

4. 40 Euros+shipping on hold for rusco

5. 35 Euros+shipping



I´m from germany, preferred location of sales is eu because of shipping cost being acceptable even for big items, if you are from outside of eu, please ask for shipping quote in case you are unsure about this. Payment with paypal, buyer is responsible for the fees, prices are calculated this way.



Disclaimer: No returns and no warranty offered by me, this is a non-commercial sale so accept this or buy elsewhere^^ - manufacturers warranty should be valid though, labels on all items are intact, except for the exceleram which have no warranty anyway

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The cpu did 4,5ghz prime with avx win7x64 around 1,14v, I made fast tests on xtu 1,2v 4,6ghz volts not minimized with bad air cooler and geekbench and GPUPI 4,8ghz 1,25-1,27v, all on Maximus VII Impact. You can check at my hwbotprofile. CPU is non delidded, because of this results with good water cooling or very good air cooler should be better (I use Xigmatek Loki for tests on Impact)

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I´m not sure this makes sense, the five sticks I offer result in two kit which both do 2667 tight at 1,84-1,85 and 1,86v respectively, the Flare alone will need above 1,9v for this because one stick needs already 1,85v for 2600..

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@dx4picco answered

@Rusco Please don´t be disappointed, it is just that it would make no big sense for you, the kit would need 1,9v+ for 2667 tight on air, together with the Tridents you have two dual kits that do 2700+ tight, this is simply better choice

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