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[FS] Video card pack (275 Lightning + HD4850 custom + 8600GT GS ) !


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Hello,i am selling a pack consisting of 3 video cards :


1. Msi GTX275 Lightning,mint condition,never benched or modded.Strong card,does 780/1350 on stock volts/cooler


2. HD4850 Gainward GS 512MB


Custom vrm+ samsung ram,does 930/1300 on normal (which is way above average 880-900) water easy with stock vram voltage.Most important it has no 3dmark 2003 bug :) Never benched on cold,has vid mod done(1.35V stock voltage) .


3.Gainward 8600GT golden sample 256 mb 1.0 ns qimonda ram,best 8600gt card produced .Good card,runds 1100+ ram on standard volts,not modded or benched.


Price is 120E for all three + about 20E shipping in Europe.Very good pack for 3d hw ponts


Payment in paypal.



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