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Please add image for GeForce 6800 GT AGP


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Great GeForce 6800 GT AGP is not recognized by any image! That is wrong...



So I looked for quality image that represent the card best and that is it, took me plenty of time to retouch it to white background:



Hopefully no-one will want to remove the sticker... right? At least it give some nice colors and at the size, it will NOT be reasable at all ;)

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Thanks... ;)


I still not getting what you have against the Inno3D, I could have shopped the logo out, but it looked so nice... Sure you have plenty more intersting things to do, but if you care to elaborate about it a bit, maybe I could understand the point.


ATM I find hard to swallow that you (and HWbot team in general) could go for ughly pictures rather that have NICE pictures of non-generic components.

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Hmmm, the inner size of the rectangle (so, picture size) is actually exactly 342x195 pixels... so, let me resize mine and compare:




- mine got nicer (and more real) colors

- show a little bit more details

- have pretty logo on the blower

- reassembly way more clearly the product you get, since on all the 6800 GT they stole the caps and one phase on the regulator (!) ... and worsest problem is, that the traces are not even connected, so I can add the missing caps, but there is no reason to do so, because these spaces are not even connected, grrrrr!

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