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HWbot wPrime v1.55 is complaining?!


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I twice run the HWbot wPrime v1.55 on the 1024M test with same results:




wPrime is telling me, that I cheating. What the hell...? I just use overclocked Pentium 90 to 125MHz and that it is. The machine is stable, it did SuperPi 32M anyway:



...and I did not run any software over standard WinXP. In fact, I did not even touch the machine. And the computing time is not that great, after all. 15,75hours aren't anywhere near fast to get to the 94% :(


So, what could I do to produce P90 @ 125MHz wPrime score? :confused:

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wPrime 1024M test finished w/o any troubles now!



A big thanks to TerraRaptor for help - w/o him I did not know, that "the problem with time - transfer from 23.59 to 00.00 makes wprime crazy" ... So I set the time to 0:01 and then I run wPrime 1024M test again, for the 3th time. This time no cheating complaining from wPrime!

Thanks, TerraRaptor! :celebration:


There is the score:



A "bit" slower that I expected, but... time for optimizing Windows come :P

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