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  1. I would then say L3014 will likely kill Semprons in y-cruncher 1B - once guys with that cpu enter the game. At least my performance estimates say that (was checking database today how E8xxx performs) - they are pretty close clock to clock and L3014 has more flexibility with dram to allow higher cpu clock (and 4x2GB BBSE 600 2:3 was possible in my x48 tests).
  2. Benchmarks kill themselves. No legacy 3d is VGA benchmark for a long time. Some 2d is also subject to inconsistencies etc. So some of these "golden era" benchmarks need globals/boints removed. All this drama is not about benchmarks;) You are talking about boints:) If you like benchmark you will bench it no matter how points are assigned - database is up and running so no recent changes will affect your ability to submit. Take boints easy. It is not what hwbot is about.
  3. PM @ground, he should be able to give you good input
  4. Is it measured 2Ohm with cpu in socket? Normally, the value without cpu should be higher.
  5. There was a tool named GMAbooster that was able to control/monitor "multi" of iGPU (not sure if it applies to g31). Actually, the clock should be locked with desktop chipsets and is independent of FSB. The boost we get with cpu clock is probably because some of the 3D functions are done through software path (like software vertext shaders in earlier GMA generations). I was benching 945g+fatbodies recently, chipset is extremely sensitive to voltage and doesn't allow tight timings though mem itself is capable of tight timings if I use external VGA. Sadly, 2.5v vNB was too hot to get golds s
  6. Haven't seen new scores from you so long, glad you are still in overclocking:)
  7. Serial initialisation packet contained in bios for every cpu multi - a set of bclk timings that affect performance and stability.
  8. GFP, yet you shouldn't be the happiest person - just 0.003fps away from breaking 1fps. Great score:)
  9. I guess that will stop someone with another good tweak from sharing it (and tweaks are available for every benchmark). All that is needed then is to have just 0.1-0.2% advantage in efficiency to avoid questions - use another uber-tweak, use some sub-optimal settings and there you go. Why my score is that efficient? Oh, just some mchbar tweaking. Oh, just some subtimings tighter. I bet we won't see another waza tweak in public then (and wazza was introduced in 939 era if i'm not mistaken, so all results before that became zero value efficiency-wise). As some 3dmark01 (?) tweaks are n
  10. Is tinyXP still xp if it has compatibility problems with games etc? I mean, not a rare case when msdn based XP works fine and those nlite mods don't. Yet, tinyxp is allowed here (to the best of my knowledge). Also, that is very difficult to replace any essential system dlls - ole32, kernel32 etc won't work even if you inject these from 2003 to xp. Another thing to consider then - official beta releases of OS. Hundreds of them - win2k sp0-sp4, winxp sp0-sp4 (yep, sp4 not official but still being used by many), Longhorn betas (those that are more on xp side and those that are more on
  11. Installing 3d drivers is also enabling compatibility with 3d:) we can nlite xp to exlude VB engine - wprime won't be able to run, incompatible with given OS setup as vb runtime is missing. Then install vb runtime to enable compatibility - voilĂ , same tweak done different way. Take GPUPi for CPU. It requires OpenCL driver. OpenCL driver is not a part of OS, not a part of benchmark. It won't run without it. Or you may update it to a different version. That opencl driver is just the same shit for gpupi as is vb runtime for wprime.
  12. I remember am3 problem was different, not swapping anything? Result was shown as part of 3d, no desktop etc - copy/paste it into paint and add cpuz/gpuz. Same about 3dmarks - altering dlls in benchmark directory was always forbidden as they are integral part of benchmark. But nobody says altering 3d driver is illigal - not a part of benchmark.
  13. Tweaking is adjustment of benchmark environment. OS, drivers, runtimes, APIs, ACPI tables - everything is more or less different for everyone who is more or less involved into tweaking. This tweak is obviously less questionable than probably using Geek 3.4.2 vs Geek 3.4.4 for example (ehr, not sure what Geek3 gives better score?). As soon as we have a single allowed driver version for given 3D card, as soon as we can validate OS installation hash is the same for every bencher - I would then proceed with banning this tweak. It is in the wild, shared with the community and available for va
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