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  1. Just because its f*cking hard to find old ATI drivers. No extra advantage from Omega once you have ATT or other tweaker.
  2. Me too. Options field covered by cpu-z doesn't contain ANY settings affecting score (they are - demo looping, demo sounds, game detail level that defaults on low). The only option that is said to affect score (disable title screens between tests) isn't exposed on 3dmark main window. So it is completely safe to say that screensot was fine. Edit: okay, sorry. Antinomy says that if non-default settings were used (z-buffer depth) 3dmark will notify on that below the total score "non-standard settings were used". Putting cpuz window just below the score could cover that text. Had no idea of that, never touched display settings.
  3. I do. So what is exactly wrong? You should make vpdd mod (according to MS-8952 schematic - r9250 from MSI - RV280 has a dedicated power circuit for core transform (vdd_ct) and core pll (vpdd) units in gpu. Stock is 1.8v. Raising it up helps to fight artefacts and memory instability. Maximum benchable voltage for vpdd for me was 2.15v, 2.17-2.2v makes freezes in 2D sometimes, 2.25v ends with black screen all the time. My Palit card also had that voltage source, based on L1117, stock was 1.88v.
  4. I provide enough information and my submissions usually meet minimal requirements. Join discord channels (hwbot and ussr_over) for a bit more details. I have no will to write the same thing too many times - if you really need some input just PM me.
  5. I used ICs with same organisation and density so this kind of replacement is safest. It could require timings mod but as i was swapping for better IC, didn't need to flash bios with looser timings. Next step is 9200se 64bit. I wish to solder some hynix hy5du121622ctp-d43 (taken from usual memory module) - they have same width (16 bit - each ic, total of 4 ic) but x2 density of the stock card. I think it will also work without bios replacement but in worst case scenario I can try flashing bios of 256mb card (there are 2 256mb bioses from giga and sapphire @tpu). Otherwise it should just use 2 banks of 4 and be detected as 128mb (though 256mb will physically be present).
  6. Can't see what's wrong - cpu and display settings visible,.subtest fps also there. Explain please?)
  7. Had no intention to but for some reason received too many of these from ebay once
  8. Lol, would be funny if my chips will be core limited and both binning methods to be wrong while winner should bin for both core&fsb.
  9. What chip does with air fsb-wise? I have binned through 70-80 e7500 for fsb, should have 5-6 cpus that boot my binning profile @500mhz. Never tried them for core or cold yet.
  10. Two sides of coin. Current system really motivates me to fight for #1 but once I understand that I can't make it (no matter how much effort and skills I pay) I won't even care to save screenshot. Like, the following arguments come into my mind with current system: why should I make a category more popular, thus bringing more points to competitors and gaining 0 myself. I will share observations etc on "not so successful oc" with friends but no submissions to hwbot will follow.
  11. Domination points that will add to hw (or global?) points - +x (x as a function of hw points) point for every month you hold first place.
  12. The question is - any implementation schedule for main site and @uat?
  13. Global gold in most popular old school benchmark deserves respect. Great one Bullant!
  14. Not really, setup is almost the same used for 6800gt agp, just a different card. Will make photos on re-run, need to improve in 01/05/06
  15. Quite rare event new intel cpus won't brake 32m WR on launch. I was hoping for 10-20s improvement taking into account better IPC. Great score Allen!
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