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  1. I would solder some tantals into socket/on the back of the socket if missing . Also, I've added ceramics on every big electrolytic cap. However, this helps a little to be true. Try Trats 1013-1T. Do your boards lock up beyond 245mhz or just get unstable? What is your max fsb validation so far?
  2. I'm going to make a break until I get more cpus with this board but here is the latest I've done - 269 1:1 2-2-2-11 (which is actually the absolute limit of my ram even with s939) https://hwbot.org/submission/4242478_terraraptor_superpi___1m_sempron_2200_(thoroughbred)_39sec_247ms To break above 258-260MHz I change 2 registers in b0d0f3 with wpcredit - offset 66 & 68 set to C7. Voltages are Vcpu 1.85v, Vnb 2.05v, Vdimm 3.8v. The system is not stable at these clocks and it took me several attempts. 265-266Mhz are much better. Another important notice - once you ran into instability you should power off completely, boot once with fsb 100 and then back to high fsb (I boot with 255 and then raise it with clockgen to the desired value with 1.5-2Mhz steps). Booting once with low fsb is essential - seems like chipset resets something inside with new strap. I have tried to reproduce this result with NF7-S v2 using exact same hardware but no success - system is unstable above 261.5Mhz. Good luck all!
  3. One day:) I guess it should be of quite low priority for those who maintain hwbot (and note maintainers do not get salary for their job).
  4. Ordered 1pcs with oled display and soic8 clip on 27/08/19 and it has arrived on 17/09/19 - quite fast delivery from China to my address.
  5. I remember hypers required high latency boundary to work - killing the performance.
  6. I broke the core of the best one this summer, other 2500+ won't go high enough. Actually I can share it here - bus 0 dev 0 func 3 offsets 66 and 68 - set both to C7 or 07 (haven't yet bothered to identify the exact bit - although should be simple - just one of those 2 bits in 11xx0111 sequence with xxxx0xxx being mandatory). Don't know what it is exactly - was bruteforcing it in wpcredit - with zero impact on performance.
  7. Thanks all. I will recheck some of cpus with NF7v2 in next few weeks (NF7 is also strong on fsb and validates 275MHz) to see if Asus board is not limiting me on total cpu clock and will later share my trick to break 260 Mhz with A7N8X. The resistor I use gives the lowest of 2.05v (that is combo of 2 resistors actually) - going to 2.15v worsens stabilty. I think voltmod is necessary but 2.05v may be unnecessary.
  8. I guess that is quite an old issue. At least I remember me and Ananerbe were checking all my results and recalculate those individually when I joined Team Russia (and that was five years ago?). Once you join the team, go and recalculate all the results manually - although it will take certain time that is the safest way. Sometimes you may need to edit results (with no actual changes) to trigger recalculation.
  9. Try different windows xp build. I have same issue with 99 when using certain xp image
  10. Yep, these look like typical winbond chips - not only circles in plastic but also metal "ears" on the side of the chips. I guess all nf2 boards become unstable quickly beyond certain fsb frequency - it's not that you have a range of 10-15Mhz for fsb between light load and heavy load. Hope to enter this stage this weekend too.
  11. I guess they don't realize that if GB5 won't be secured by Benchmate it is likely miss global points in future. No global points - no need to buy it for most of us.
  12. Spi 8m should be good enough to bin for core frequency.
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