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  1. Almost impossible, taking @Luumi's score of 10.45.781 being best 4G run as of now:)
  2. Analyzing first 15 subs give 4 subs with C0 and 11 submissions with E0. So E0 should be better - just keep in mind that you likely miss best cpu if you will only bench it for 32m stability - E0 has higher range of semi-stable fsb clocks. P45 is having cooling issues imho due to open die - stock coolers are of sub-par quality and may not sit tightly on die. I had DFI P45 that wasn't able to accept anything over 1.45v - then I glued IHS on NB and it became way better. So cold NB seems to be the key for P45. I have also run into strange issues with 32m stability with ddr2 boards - th
  3. 1. Hi. Normally, VTT won't give you any noticable gain - one cpu will do FSB 650 in 32m with 1.44-1.49v vtt, another one will hit the wall at 630 with same voltage and raising vtt to 1.7v won't break that wall. Also, some cpus have a very narrow range between full stability (pi 32m run) and valid - just 10-15mhz, others may have that range extended - like 640mhz 32m and 690mhz barely stable to validate (but yet 50 mhz difference). I would say C1 stepping is first category, E0 is second category. CPUs are also extremely sensitive to GTLs. So I would bin cpus for fsb validation if that is the go
  4. Epic is 666, hope to see it from you 500x8 is interesting yet we have many of these.
  5. https://hwbot.org/benchmark/pyprime_-_2b_with_benchmate/ Can be downloaded at https://benchmate.org/ - Offline installation
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