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  1. For winbond, I would count 270 2-2-2 with just 3.3v a very good kit. For tccd, although I have not that much experience, I would also consider IMC quality.
  2. That is most probably unsuccessful memory training during reboot. I also get hangs after reboot when skews are a bit off although cold boot works fine. If you disable logo, you should most likely be stuck on usb initialisation. Did you try different memory for those 630mhz runs to see what happens after reboot?
  3. That becomes extremely exotic then. Ahaha, last time I saw s462 with sdr is 13 years ago.
  4. Congrats to all the participants - these were easy comp points. Also, much respect to skydec, TAGG and Mr. Scott for taking top-3 overall. Who of you guys will take part in Round 2? I'm in with 7 cpus and A7N8X-E Deluxe (and probably NF7 - not yet modded) - again, no 3D from me.
  5. :) so far, i can beat it only with single stage on nb
  6. Did you get any boost with 2 sticks of RAM? My second stick is not with me to check. But I think it may give some memory write boost with via.
  7. What is your guess on IC to be in these apogeeGTs? Mine act like D9, although not gmh. Qimonda?
  8. Was it /4 pci divider action when booting with 120? In other way - are you able to go 161 with +PCI ram?
  9. So yor headroom is 32% of a given strap? I thought my board is a crap (having app.40% of headroom) but seems like I'm too used to TUSL2.
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