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  1. 6990, 7990, 295x2, radeon pro vega ii duo - seems every generation until now has some sorts of dual-gpu cards.
  2. I just don't get the point of being so aggressive to people who have different point of view. He is part of the community. Many people left overclocking because of many reasons (including the concepts like "overclocking is dead", "hwbot sucks" etc) but they are still friends to many of us. Overclocking, hwbot, community - these are quite different things. I don't think "Qui non est nobiscum, adversus nos est" is a good point.
  3. Not apogee, it is random kit of crucial 8000c5, based on d9gmh. Seems better than my apogee in terms of pure clock but timings-wise is quite the same. I should check my cold fatbody yet - mine do 1130 5-2-2-8 with air, hopefully they will do >1200 5-2-2-8 with ss.
  4. Depends on cooling and vrm. I would keep cpu below 80C and make sure vrm of m6400 may stand the excessive load (no hot parts etc). Actually, 1.8v is quite safe for Intel's 45nm parts with LN2. With air cooling, most reviewers of desktop 45nm quads were using below 1.45v limited by temperature.
  5. I would generally rely on Intel's datasheet - 1.45v max core and vtt. I wouldn't go higher than 1.55v vcore and 1,4vtt with custom air anyway. 45nm also hates high vpll - 1.5-1.65v should be enough for all scenarios. PS. It's all about fsb limit anyway if we take performance into account rather than raw cpu frequency.
  6. nope, had no chance yet to look into baredit seriously - that was different approach why I installed baredit, sadly fruitless. So this one is mainly brute power of this mb sample.
  7. Both cpu and ss seem to perform great here, never thought such frequency is doable without di/ln2.
  8. Thank you, I had results from Luumi and Noxinite as reference for 4.5GHz and higher fsb helped me a lot.
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