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  1. Quite noob about it. Does it mean that e7xxx are based on wolfdale-3M silicon most of the time but 2-4% of these cpus may be based on wolfdale-6M? How then one can distinguish these?
  2. Yep, board was limiting us on clocks (x59 max multi, x22 max mem multi, 108.1 max stable bclk) but was able to do coldboot with full pot - that was great advantage.
  3. Very strong, glad you invested your time into finding the real potential of these boards:)
  4. 8x, where x stands for month #. The earlier the better. 9x seems to be worse.
  5. I don't use it and still get strong results. I know a lot of people who ignore wahaha! too. Not a thing you should care of, really. All you need is basic OS tweaking, strong tweaking of hardware (clocks, timings, RTLs) - that alone will make your 32m runs strong. Don't use wahaha!, that is really specific thing.
  6. Fx8350 has 4 modules, each made of 2 cores. To get the best possible score, it is recommended to check overclockability of every module (you can adjust multiplier for each module independently on the fly in windows). I.e. my best module with fx8120 was module #3, doing 500mhz higher than the worst ones (modules #1 & #2). So I would keep all modules enabled, set bad ones low multi and overclock the best module.
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