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OC Results not approved yet??

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Hi ppls im new to this site, xD First of all Gr8 Site And Gr8 OC's xD Congrats..


One problem but.. recently I uploaded a couple of results and they were mostly accepted within a couple of hours...


Yesterday I uploaded a new result for an OC I performed on my ATI Radeon 9250 but the result has not yet been approved... :S can any of the mods here pls help me out as to why is this or am I just too impatient :rolleyes:


Thx Btw link to the result:




Think I got the best Screenie possible :) everything should be included.. actually with all th windows open I could barley fit them into the Screenshot :P


Thx Dammizi:ws:

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Welcome to HWBot Dammizi!


First of all, the screenshot is almost perfect, great! Only thing missing is the subtest details (just click on "Show details") and the screen will be 100% perfect. If you're not sure whether a screen is perfect, you can always check the screenshot example when submitting a score. For 3DMark01 it's this one: http://www.hwbot.org/img/examples/3Dmark%202001.jpg.


Second, points will be added regardless of the score being verified or not. IF you're score is good enough of course :).


If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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Hmm Ic so basically ill have to re do the whole session :S ??


Anyways actually the point of it was to try to achieve at least a medal for the oc on the vga.. is there a type of oc benchmark or somethink as in the one for CPU Z where u can compete for the best oc on vga? cos i cant seem to find one for GPU-Z or somthing similar.. :S


Thx again

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:o ic :S btw just noticed that my results for the Vga clock speeds have benn given as stock(240/180Mhz).. where as mine were actually @ 351/260Mhz.. is this just a bug or just cos I cant seem to upload the speeds of the clocks in the edit entry selection.. cos whenever I set the speeds of the clocks they never seem to show up :S anyways they still can be clearly seen in the screenshot eh.. xD
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for a medal on the VGA you need to link your score to it, I did this for you now; so if your score is highenough you'll get boints:)


Hmm k thx, btw how do you do this? to link the score to the vga? sry for all the questions but I can seem to understand some of the features in the site.. :rolleyes: righ now im feeling like a blonde hehe

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:o k ic thx actually i didnt get it correct from the begenning but I used edit result to find an exact match but i couldnt seem to make it work for the vga category.. next time ill be more carful than xD


Btw since my vage came in 20th overall is there a way to compare it to other vga's that are the same to see how much i have to push it to go up further... thx xD and btw how are they compared? the clocks are totalled together and then comapred? cos if theyr done speperateley ane for GPU other for ram, theyll have to be two tables of comaprison and a whole lot mor of a mix up :P


thz 4 d help once again

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