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[FS] Intel i7 6700K Good chip !


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For Sale here 3 piece 6700K retail . (Batch BOX, but sold without boxes .., only the cpu )

Tested on Cinebench R15 : ( with H20 at 18°C)

The cpu have been tested with tim intel !


R15 Cinebench

CPU n°4 -->4.8G-> 1.275v // 4.9G-> 1.34v // H20

CPU n°11 -->4.8G-> 1.27v // 4.9G-> 1.32v // H20

CPU n°12 -->4.8G-> 1.27v // 4.9G->1.32v // H20


LN2 : Not tested .. As soon as possible !

CPU n°4 --> 6.350 3DM05 / 6.25+ghz R15 // grizzly

CPU n°11 --> Testing ...

CPU n°12 --> 6.350/6375Mhz easy on 3DM05 et 6.4 Ghz is possible with little skill ;)


I think these cpu (11/12) run 3dmark 05 at 6.4Ghz -170°C


And 6.3Ghz on Cinebench ;)




Now these cpu(s) are delidded.


Prefer paypal.


cpu n° 4 --> 560 Euros with shipping worldwide !

cpu n° 11 -->600 Euros with shipping worldwide !

cpu n° 12 -->600 Euros with shipping worldwide !


Shipping Worldwide

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Please read the marketplace rules once more, you constantly violate the rules (no picture of item, push only each 24 hours and no removal of sold items, iirc you already sold cpus in this thread) - just a heads up before the mods do^^

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