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(FS)Videocard sellout


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up for sale are my remaining bench VGAs, most of them I had for years, all were tested yesterday and today, for condition refer to item descriptions




1. Nvidia package (8800GTS 640MB, 9600GT 512MB, 9800GTX+ 512MB, 250GTS 512MB)


Tested with 3DM06 yesterday, all cards worked without any issues. The bundle is made up of a Leadtek 8800GTS 640MB with Zalman VF1000 copper cooler, a Sparkle 9600GT Calibre, a PNY 9800GTX+ and a Gainward 250GTS, all cards are decent clockers, not modded, the Gainward for example has Samsung mems which do 1300 at most benches. These are the cards on the left on the picture.

2. Connect 3D ATI X1900 Croffire-Mastercard+ cf-dongle


Tested for 01 today, the card is a bit weird, sometimes it shows artefacts, but it passes all benches even oced. Wit CF-dongle, due to the artefacts I sometimes see card is offered cheap, normally you pay more for the rare cf dongle alone. Only sold in bundle as shipping makes no sense if it is as high as price.

3. Sapphire 5850+ATI Radeon X2900XT with TR-cooler


Sold as defective, the 5850 works only at pcix8 on my Asus board at last test, the 2900XT gets extremely hot and fails benches if it moves to 3d mode. Non ovened, maybe someone wants to epower or repair or oven these, only sold in bundle because standalone sale makes no sense at shipping cost at 17 euros for example




1. 70 Euros+shipping sold

2. 15 Euros+shipping

3. 20 Euros+shipping


The cards are located in germany, shipping only to europe, preferred EU, will be around 17 Euros most likely. Payment with western union or paypal, seller covers fees (3% on top of FF payment)



Disclaimer: private sale, I rule out returns and warranty because of this

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