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So, this card is Vanta ... but not Vanta LT? I'm confused.




Because this is image of my card, that I used (w/o one of the caps and w/o the ceramic blocking caps, but that is beside the point...) and that is the only one Vanta I have.


Now you are telling me, that I have wrong card in so many submissions...? :eek:


Pls clarify, because I put the image upfront for Vanta LT 16MB:



...witch is then completely wrong and all my "Vanta LT" scores need to be moved into appropriate card :eek:

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  • Crew

The problem is, Ive seen many cards which have that smaller B5 chip and 8Mb but Ive never seen 16Mb with that small chip.


They have some nice collection here:



So atleast they claim those cards exists. But all LT have AGP 2x. Here at hwbot Ive seen only submissions which have AGP 4x which is actually wrong and has to be Vanta (non LT) cards, except this is a GPU-Z bug. Ive ordered a Vanta card now to looking into the issue.

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