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GtiJason - Core i7 4770K @ 6100MHz - 13.23 points Cinebench - R11.5

Guest k.pisti

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Vcore was just that, 1.540 volts at 6100 mhz, 1.45 cache volts and 2.407 vccin. I am certanly hoping to shoot for more but this cpu is very finicky about the 3 voltages above and the imc has troubles with psc and samsung ic. The TridentX kit used is fully capable of 2933c9 12 12 21 112 with tCWL at6 and refi at 30000. Using psc mg's capable of 2750+ mhz at 6 10 6 24 68 and cas write latency of 6 I think 2600 c7 11 7 27 was as tight as I could go

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