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  1. Yep, enjoying the live feed. Good job !
  2. Rules also state Score: The score is the frequency displayed next to the processor frequency under “Processor (CPU)” on the validation page Verification screenshot requirements: No screenshot is required So only real reason for screenshot is for addition check for comp
  3. Really, so no XOC bios for KBL-X publicly available and no word on XP support ? The error you were getting "the bios in this system is not fully acpi compliant" when trying to boot your XP ssd's/hdd's is very common and is likely caused by such a drastic change of hardware between the install platform and the EVGA X299 platform, memory especially. I put this text doc together outlining some of these issues. The Dark does have an asmedia sata controller that should be legacy OS compliant so installing XP SHOULD be possible. It is also important to note that you must be using the proper sata port that corresponds to this controller sabishito.txt
  4. I downloaded this yesterday in case it gets lost or if I can someday afford x299 It seems to be fine but I had to use newer 7zip https://xdevs.com/doc/_PC_HW/EVGA/E299/bios/XOC_BIOS_103.zip right click on zipped folder (XOC_BIOS_103.zip) cursor down to 7zip cursor to open archive window pops up, enter password password is: E299_DARK 7zip opens, click on blue line at top left saying EXTRACT if file was in downloads folder the unzipped file will appear there as well Here is my download / above is direct link to original XOC_BIOS_103.zip
  5. Nevermind, turns out pcie is just fine on MOCF. Problem seems to be my board and pcie_1 Sorry for adding to confusion but pcie patcher is NOT needed on MOCF
  6. Is updated IGPU vBIOS the same as pcie patching ? "pcie_patcher.cmd biosname" Just wanting to know if I can run discrete gpu at 16x and not be stuck at 2x