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  1. So just like my NIB board I bought from L0ud. Here is the factory paste job
  2. Haha nice. It's comforting to know that if I say something really stupid I can blame it on "HardMad"
  3. https://www.techpowerup.com/articles//overclocking/voltmods/113/1 DFI LParty NFII UB pdf.zip
  4. GtiJason

    eVc ordering

    I have a question I'm hoping you'll be able to answer. Of course you know the answer but can you share ?
  5. This is really the most important part imo
  6. I was talking more about this
  7. Just want to quickly state my 2¢ on this issue (shipping delidded cpu's many different ways) since I have a lot of experience with this. When selling my 4690k on OCN Forum and a Golden 4770k to my teammate and friend DR4G00N both around the same month and both arriving with cracked die. I spent hours packaging and recording the cpu's worked before I put them into the shipping boxes. With DR4G00N's cpu ( L310 from Allen ) I actually built several versions of custom shipping boxes and ended up with a smallish box built as a sort of an exoskeleton to suspend the cpu in the middle of the box in case the package got aggressively tossed around or partially crushed After having to replace/refund both of these items I was very curious to see for myself how different packaging methods for delidded cpu's affected the die itself. Having several dead but not physically damaged cpu's/dies I called up my brother to let him know what I was doing and to have him open, inspect, take pics and repackage and ship them back to me. I sent 2 cpu's at a time in 2 separate boxes to him and back, did this with the only 3 dead unscratched die cpu's I had back and forth at least twice for each cpu. I tried many methods with the ihs and cpu together both with and without the plastic clamshell. 1) cpu, shop towel ihs in clamshell, with that wrapped in blue shop/paper towel, and fully sealed with 2"w masking tape 2) same setup but lid taped to cpu and no clamshell. 3) + 4) Same as first and second but instead of shop towel separating ihs and cpu used lots of thicker thermal paste. 5) same as previous 2 (cpu,paste, ihs) but super glue ihs in 4 corners 6) black RTV like stock 7) naked cpu alone wrapped in blue shop/paper towel with ihs wrapped separately in same box 8 ) and naked cpu wrapped in shop towel till apprx 3" x 3" x 2" cube then adding ihs and wrapping more using 3 blue shop towel folded up to wrap tight and cover with masking tape TLDR So my conclusion is, I now only ship cpu's either fully sealed ihs with rtv/stock or naked cpu wrapped many many times in paper/shop towel and tape. IHS can be added after to save space or just wrap ihs the same and tape both together. Method idea came from Sam/Tapaka method of shipping me S775 cpu's without clamshell I have not sold many cpu's since but did make a trade with a member here. My delidded i3 8350k for some AFR ram Ask @AutisticChris how that cpu showed up and the reason I told him I only ship that way, period
  8. I found the new background when I checked 3.5 - 4 hours prior to start of comp. Not sure why so many people missed this unless some of the links were not updated. Maybe people DL'd old BG the day before and decided to not check back before benching. Always a good idea to check rules etc. before -you- start benching, whether that's at hour 1 or a week later
  9. What's the fancy pump, res and rad combo you are running ? Looks nice and clean, GJ !
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