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  1. Got into this XI game a bit late with an Apex. Been trying to figure out what bios work best with A0 pcb B Die. With so many to test and variables such as temperature I'm not getting far. That said, does anyone have a preferred bios for use with A0 pcb mems ? TIA ! EDIT only have 8700k if that matters
  2. This one has support for 9th gen cpu's. Simply rename to Creative.ROM 0094HT.ROM
  3. Yeah, this was pre CFL Refresh⁴. I'll check if I have newer one or try to make one for you when I can get to it
  4. Not sure if this is considered native, but I added HT to 0094 from AlexRo. Not very recent tho so doubt KF or KS works
  5. Mad Prop's Bro ! I have a .GHO but it's still not full eff ready to release to public
  6. Yep, there certainly are tradeoffs, I prefer to mod the mobo since I'm switching cpu's and mainboards a lot as in multiple times daily during binning or Comps using hardware I have ( 1 8700k + Coffee modded Z170 SOC Force LN2, MOCF and Apex IX + XI and a few Kaby K sku's ). Now that XP seems to work without performance penalty on Apex XI, I'll probably stick with 8700k in Apex XI and kaby's on Z170/270 but when ram binning is needed that may change. JustXOCthings FYI: No burnt pins yet here but I have not taken 8700k past SS temps but it's almost always on Phase when used
  7. You got USB ports to work in OS using this method ? I guess it has to either be done using Win 10 on 2nd rig since it fails when using the files copied from PCI E to USB 2.0 card to C drive
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