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  1. GtiJason

    FTW12345's little tool 2.1.2 HELLLLP

    Classified_v2.1.2.zip https://www.overclock.net/attachments/40134
  2. Sure, I do. Would you like to see it ? ok here you go Maximus VIII Impact ROG_EXT V2.pdf
  3. GtiJason

    [FS][EU] Z87/Z97 OCF only compatible 4770k

    Code 78, seen that before. Just want to point out that there is a bios for the Z87 OCF (L1.83A) as well as the Z97 OCF (1.12H) made for 1c2t dead core booting. I thought there was one for the Z87 MOCF as well but I'm not finding it rn so maybe not. Also been told that Asus had one for the Impact? if I remember correctly.
  4. Amazing effort trying to break 240.00s in 2018 !
  5. GtiJason

    [FS] G.Skill Strong B-die !

    My Precious ! A bit more info on that Uber Rare 4133 kit. There were only 2 available when they popped up on Newegg and only ones I ever saw. We were always paying attention to Newegg B die back then too https://imgur.com/a/kCgMf GLWS Alex
  6. GtiJason

    eVc ordering

    New EVC still coming sometime soon . . . I hope ?
  7. https://www.win-raid.com/t3835f16-GUIDE-Fixing-HT-for-Coffee-Lake-CPUs-on-Skylake-and-Kaby-Lake-motherboards-Z-Z.html
  8. As websmile said, if you set boot mode to turbo and leave eist and turbo enabled it will work. But you have to set cores 5 and 6 in OS using Turbo V core 1.01.15 On screenie below I set 50x multi in bios but it boots at 43x until I change cores 5-6 under cpu ratio tab to 50x/50x
  9. I agree, encoding h265 with avx is very stressful and may simply be the issue here. I can't say if there is a problem or not, not an expert on the subject nor will I pretend to be. Just wanted to include my experience with the subject. The 6700k finished benching fine and was shut down/ warmed up by me, did not realize it was dead until a couple weeks later. The 4770k died the day after heavy 4k testing while checking my temp delta between cpu and pot. Booted into the OS at pot temp of around zeroC / 1.35v core, cpu was dead 30 seconds later