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  1. Bios flashback ? If so all boards are very fussy about flash drive. One's that almost never work are Sandisk Cruzer Glide Good ones are usually Adata, PNY, Verbatum, Onn(Walmart) cheap USB 2.0 8gb or 16gb best and format of FAT32 Also doubt this matters here as it's about APEX XI and XII but sometimes errors are made in manual
  2. It seems to look ok to me in MMTool here's the report maybe it will help you ROG-MAXIMUS-XIII-APEX-ASUS-0070.rpt
  3. I hear you man, not a huge deal for me but trying to get as much info out as possible so a solution might be found from the gathered knowledge or like you said Asus looks into it. The only problem I have is the board was in process of becoming an LN2 bencher and kinda sucks not being able to switch between bios 1 and 2
  4. I just tried this with 10700k and 10900k and still no difference than with 11600k. I probably have to flash back to an older bios first or something as it's certainly just a bug BIOS 1 is 2103 and I've tried flashing bios 2 with 2103, 0098 and 0088 I believe. In bios the 11600k shows 3C and the 10700k shows E2 I think. What's wierd is I only used bios flashback up until a couple days ago on this board so somehow the code did update doing it this way. Sometimes after bios flashback I saw "updating Aura firmware", "updating me" and the long blank black screen too
  5. My board won't turn on at all with bios 2 selected (Start button does nothing nor jumping) pretty sure it started when flashing 0098. Funny thing is I can use USB Flashback and it goes through the flash process so no idea what's up. Must be some sort of bug because I can see it when using FlashROM/Rasp Pi
  6. Awesome ! When you get that 6900 valid tho that will be the end of mem freq for you since everyone knows that on the internet everything stops at 69 (nice) haha
  7. Decent kit's, but I was lucky enough to get one back in September
  8. Nice daily cpu, the 9900k I was considering for daily needs 1.25v for 5.0g and not even sure thats R20 stable
  9. 1 second is good for 32m. You should run at 5000mhz cpu frequency so we can get a better indication of your time
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