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  1. Think this is it setfsb_2_3_178_134.zip
  2. Somethings off with this sub. Screenie shows 3294 XTU score but posted 3302 pts for Superposition 8k ?
  3. Mine came from China via EBay https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=ddr3+memory+tray&_sacat=58058
  4. So are you saying to pull a jumper wire from any 5v source to the 5v pin on usb ? Hope I can free up some more time soon for the OCF + PSC, so much fun to be had with X48 REX, Z97 OCF and new stuff like APEX XI / APEX XII
  5. You got a bigger pic ? Hard to read even on big monitor
  6. Awesome run and effi ! Last piece of the puzzle to a well rounded bencher
  7. Should be easy, check cpuz.ini file and make sure it's setup to read SPD. Mainones of concern are XOC=0 SPD=1 SMBus=1 DMI=1 Sensor=1
  8. Nice ! I've had APEX XII for weeks but no luck with cpu. Might just grab 10600k/10700k to play with mems
  9. Oh no's, cpu is cold scared now. I do not look forward to this myself
  10. Are you talking about DDR4 platforms ? Anyways maxmem is broken in some versions of windows, usually Windows 10 so you will want to use this method Run CMD as Admin and type: bcdedit /set removememory 11264 This will leave you with 5120mb or 5gb (using 16gb kit), and as Keep said good setting for 3dMark Firestrike and newer 3d 3dM01 - 06, 11, Vantage, Heaven, AM3 etc can use less like 3gb To restore memory back to full 16gb just run CMD as admin again and type bcdedit /deletevalue removememory Other maxmem settings, Super Pi or Max mem freq on XP32 = 600 - 640mb Geekbench 3, CBR 11.5/15, GPU Pi for CPU, wPrime/PiFast here or above setting: 1.9 - 2.2gb HWBot X265: either no maxmem or around 7-8GB if having hard time getting good OC at around 1.6v ish Point is you can get away running 600mb, 3gb, 5gb, 8gb and no maxmem set for most benchmarks
  11. Yeah, all (or at least most)HOF cards have this. At first I think it was used to control Chil8318 with IR DPDC 1.0.4303 / PowIRCenter via USB>UART (USB005) cable from IR Here are the I2c pins on my 1070
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