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  1. Strong waza making up for lack of freq, good job Jordan
  2. Both places are Sold Out with no more coming, I have a registered Buyee account with the Chrome "add to Buyee" app/extension and the only ones I have found available to buy are from Amazon.JP and cost alot before 3rd party fee's, shipping, customs etc. Boo ! Ninja Edit: One cool thing tho is Z77 OCF's are available at good prices both new and used
  3. GtiJason

    Avexir 2200C8 Unicorn PSC (PRICE DROP LAST 2)

    Black slots are what you use on Z97 OCF, so 2nd and 4th. 4th is usually what is used for Max Freq On my Z97 OCF I prefer to bin psc using #2 the closest black slot to cpu as I feel it gives tighter timings but #4 almost as good. As you guys can tell Miller has been super busy testing mems, benching TC, living life so I wouldn't put a lot of stock in this test Up until TC he has been focused on newest ddr4 stuff and it's not easy revisiting something after an extended amount of time Thats why I have a crazy amount of notes and screenies from my testing but you won't find any $30 sticks either if you come knockin' on my door lol EDIT, oh and btw there are other good 8 layer pcb's, B83U874 2.00 / (BP ML 94V-0 E186014) and 8 layer ST's . . . ST-SG38U816 V 1.0 Adata has a really good one too but the IC's are not
  4. GtiJason

    Avexir 2200C8 Unicorn PSC (PRICE DROP LAST 2)

    Well since it's old news 8155 usually runs with slightly lower voltage than 8117. Both 8 layer but 8155 is of higher quality and has additional copper 8155 is usually better/more stable at the limits, high freq/high volts c6 and -165c++. Your chances of finding a crazy 2900c6-9-6 64 35-36-4-4 are greatest with 8155 but still Rare AF As of right now, out the very best 4 kits I've found 2 are 8155 and the other 2 are 8117. Tho somehow I have another dozen sticks of good bin psc waiting for a rainy day
  5. GtiJason

    Avexir 2200C8 Unicorn PSC (PRICE DROP LAST 2)

    I've owned a pair of these since 2015, was very excited when Allen sent me a kit. Took me a while to figure them out and they are still a bit of mystery to me because to my knowledge they were hand picked and binned IC's http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?286435-I-bin-PSC-per-IC-at-Home-!! I believe all of the sticks should be able to do 2666c8-12-8 tRFC=88 tCWL=6 RTL's 40-41-4-4 , Also know that Miller's test were quick n dirty since he didn't contact me to get the goods on em. They should all be able to do the 2600c8 he tested but with tCWL=6 at 1.850 tops down to 1.78v or so for the better ones. The timing I found to be the pickiest is tRDRD, the rest seem solid. I have taken them cold a couple times, first time I was still pretty "green" but managed 2750c7 at low volts (2.04v if I recall correctly). Second time I was running 2866c7 @ 2.12v. Both quick sessions and was running MaxxMem, GB3 and some stupid bench by Intel. Own a piece of OC History that are worth using as well, they are in great condition and have the PCB you want for ddr3
  6. GtiJason

    Old School Overclocking Tools

    Only 2 years late, but all the missing dl links from here appear to have made it to this page
  7. GtiJason

    100+ sticks of Micron D9GMH

    I should of posted earlier but just wanted people to know what I ordered about 4 hours ago so very similar alternatives can be bought So 1, 4 and 13 are most likely gone tho Tapakah is the only person who can confirm/deny this 11 is almost exactly same as 13 so we should both be happy Ozzie
  8. So clean ! XP = Yes on GB LN² boards
  9. 8700k will for sure, 8350k has been fine for me without. It is just a 7600k for the most part
  10. I sure hope I can, was more of a test to see if I can get by with this Win 8.1 3d OS I finally built or have to spend another few days working on an 8 Image
  11. Solid progress being made, good job lil' bro