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  1. Whoa, looks like the pin welded itself to the pad. Need to check socket layout pic to see what it does but I'd have to guess it's VCC edit: Looks to me like E 34 (VCC) contacted D 33 (VCC) Kaby Lake Coffee Lake
  2. Nice run ! Do you prefer bios X08 over X04, or maybe just for Sammy D die ?
  3. What motherboard are you using in the Rig Pic ? Definatly no MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC To me I'd call it MSI MEG Z390M Godlike, or a direct competitor of boards like Asus Gene, ASRock MOCF. Sure looks like a high end 2 dimm M-ATX form factor and the rear IO cover does say "GODLIKE" What do you guys think ? and also is that a real lin pot or just an insulated mug lol
  4. Ah yes, SonyHD and HardMad back together again ! BTW I'm sure @kicsipapucs is not a Sony shill, and I @GtiJason rarely get Mad while Hard or get Hard when Mad 😆. . . so maybe we can fix this problem soon ? @GeorgeStorm @Leeghoofd @richba5tard
  5. GtiJason

    G.Skill DDR4 B-Die 4220c12-11+ & Besi Cpu Pot

    of course, I'd pay $1000 for 2800c6 at 20c Fullpot and high v 2.3+ needed for this Air usually maxes out at 2600-2666c8 for good kits
  6. GtiJason

    G.Skill DDR4 B-Die 4220c12-11+ & Besi Cpu Pot

    BDBG acts exactly like psc but runs hot af and therefor scales better with cold 2133c9-11-9 is BDBG and 2133c9-9-9 is BBSE, sometimes BDBG
  7. Yeah, that works but my problem is instant shutdown. Even when using 2 AX1200i's
  8. GtiJason

    Looking for Elpida Hypers

    They are for different generations of ram, So ddr3/4 is where I'm at But stick to EP KING "brand" or AMT64MP Taiwan like used for XS Splave bin http://www.chinaglobalmall.com/products/554626219779
  9. GtiJason

    Looking for Elpida Hypers

    Yep, as Michael said spd tool is easy. I use rweverything more nowadays, or just get yourself an EP KING and have a cheap hardware solution https://bit.ly/2ESt5ct https://bit.ly/2TnLdDW
  10. GtiJason

    Add CB R20

    Win 10 only boo
  11. Everything you need to know is here, You can grab a bios thats ready to go for Impact VIII or learn how to do it yourself. I learned to do it in a few days and am no Isaac Newton https://www.win-raid.com/f16-BIOS-Modding-Guides-and-Problems.html
  12. 1801 has been best for mem OC in my opinion. For some reason I have problems with all modded bios' when pushing OC on cpu (w/ HT), mems and a gpu at 16x. I've even modified 0094 (for HT) and other Apex IX/X stock bios'. On some of the bios' I have to use Turbo Vcore to apply cpu OC and can only go up to multi that is set in bios (for core, uncore is fine) Just rename 1801 to Creative.ROM and use flashback
  13. I used Flashback for 1801, but I renamed it to Creative.ROM and have the hard mod done on bios chip (shorting 2 pads) I would use 1801 for 9900k since it is proven to work, not sure about 1602 modded like you were using