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  1. LMK if this works for you and also you can send another challenge to me. My card is maxxed out on core, passing 2088MHz was not easy. Any increase in GDDR5x and score plummets
  2. I like your style, but not so sure G.SKILL agrees edit; not mentioned on actual stage but G.SKill Comp so...
  3. 52753 is the highest Physics score I could find searching results at UL / 3dMark website. Another score posted by David and his 5950x As for intel 18 core, Vince posted a 46343 using a 9980XE Great Work Mllrkllr88 !
  4. Dang, too late to scoop the ddr3 / z77 OCF !
  5. I should of been putting off some work I had and been here. Would of been throwing cash at the screen for that PSC lovin' haha. Suzuki got the kits ? If so he'll be a deserving, good owner !
  6. For collector condition benchworthy hardware I've got these. DDR3 is probably only things worth shipping from US though. Samsung mems only opened to see if good enough to sell here or go to ebay. They are my 3rd best set of D die (1 es Kingston 2x4gb, 2 TridentX 2400c9 2x4gb) but new in box with fan *(EDIT) 3rd best, but out of over 30 kits Patriot 2400c9 PSC-X kits sealed from factory, never opened 2133c9 Trident BBSE/no white line cousin new with fan 2000c9 BBSE new opened, quick test for 2600c8-11-7 cwl 6 ± 1.9v
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