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  1. Good seller, good guy ! GLWS I'd buy it if I could but as you know I already have nearly identical board
  2. If they have taken Mat's analysis of vulnerabilities into account I'd say yeah for sure
  3. Just take the normal GB4 File Folder and add it to Benchmate folder with the other bench applications. It seems to notice it's there after you open it once
  4. Any Electric's Contact Cleaner such as CRC, WD-40 Specialist or Caig DeoxIT D5. This is a common issue with M9A's, first time I took my board cold this started happening almost immediately. All you can do is make sure the socket is very clean, 100% dry and ram stick is seated right
  5. Does it ? Quick n' Dirty comparison of the Top 10 submissions simply based on amount of CB points earned per MHz of freq is showing this. Keep in mind BigBlock990's score is the only one done with BenchMate AND most the lower efficiency subs are old, basically from launch meaning probably didn't run as much as more recent runs to squeeze out that last 0.0001% of perf Efficiency Score Rank cb per MHz score User Rank 5th 0.1136603773584906 753 Ikki 10th 6th 0.1135628656949897 755 Dancop 9th 9th 0.1132245020218661 756 ale belo 8th 10th 0.1131907308377897 762 funsoul 7th 7th 0.1133928571428571 762 Xtreme Addict 6th 2nd 0.113944817300522 764 Loud 5th 8th 0.1133165456969338 765 rsannino 4th 3rd 0.1137644615840997 767 Luumi 3rd 1st 0.1140650527253824 768 Splave 2nd 4th 0.1136665192392747 771 bigblock990 1st
  6. We used to have em all the time, but scores started to look a little too good. Maybe with Benchmate arriving these LCC Challenges can be once again ran https://hwbot.org/competition/haswell_5g_tc https://hwbot.org/competition/skylake_5g_tc
  7. Guys who have any meaningful connection are moved to Elite, So that means any current/future gen Engineering/Review Sample (ES) hardware with points activated
  8. Bios 2003 ? Isn't that from Apex X Z370 or was it ported from z390 to 30 and then 270
  9. There's a Cascade for sale on ebay for 600 or Best Offer. Problem is the sellers history is a bit shaky, tho EBay sides with the buyer 99% of the time. Also not too sure of the build quality, If it's one of the early ones or his personal unit should be fine. I know a few teamates/friends have dealt with him and maybe can chime in https://www.ebay.com/itm/Cascade-CPU-Cooling-System/162622277193?hash=item25dd0b0649:g:KeAAAOSwTiRZiRjY
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