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  1. That's correct, I was very confused the first time I went to flash mine. Might have one specifically for ln2 board, will upload if so. Just send me a dollar by mail for each dl. 😜 I'll just upload what I got so they are here for those in need FPT-Z97(Win).zip mb_bios_ga-z97x-soc-force-ln2_f3.zip Z97XOCL2_X02.zip Z97XSOCF_X04.7z Z97XSOCF_X08.zip
  2. Where there's a will, there's a way ! Wayback Machine / Archive . org can sometimes help. This time Archive.Gti can help you most of the way, only issue is the Q? do you have to remove any resistors like on this pic of 1080 Strix s1080_tool_v02.zip S1080TIXOC.rar strix1080tistock.rom 1080TI_STRIX_LN2_TIPS.pdf
  3. If you are talking about the 0094HT I linked on November 22nd here's all the supported cpu's
  4. Sure is ! Even tho this bench loves high freq 8c cpu + HT that graphics score of 150k is very solid. Good Job Antome !
  5. I'm no pro at this but I modded 7.51J (MOCF) and the ONLY thing I did was replace cpu microcode. That said 99% sure the only microcode in this bios is 0906ED rev AA the first revision Maybe someone with 9900K(S) can test real quick or extract the bios to confirm 7.51JrevAA.bin
  6. Microcode for the KS on die so think you've been fooled by another one of Splave's classic trolls
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