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  1. I should of been putting off some work I had and been here. Would of been throwing cash at the screen for that PSC lovin' haha. Suzuki got the kits ? If so he'll be a deserving, good owner !
  2. For collector condition benchworthy hardware I've got these. DDR3 is probably only things worth shipping from US though. Samsung mems only opened to see if good enough to sell here or go to ebay. They are my 3rd best set of D die (1 es Kingston 2x4gb, 2 TridentX 2400c9 2x4gb) but new in box with fan *(EDIT) 3rd best, but out of over 30 kits Patriot 2400c9 PSC-X kits sealed from factory, never opened 2133c9 Trident BBSE/no white line cousin new with fan 2000c9 BBSE new opened, quick test for 2600c8-11-7 cwl 6 ± 1.9v
  3. AMI Aptivo V wtf there name is against it being shared last I heard but... you can find it through Win-Raid, Revlay's Mod Tool or in CoffeeTime bios without ucode (Spectre/Meltdown MCode stuff) for certain benchmarks like Super Pi 32m on Win XP See Firekiller/OGS post on page 1
  4. All good on my end, but here it is. Just DL'd it from above link haha 0088no_Ucode.CAP
  5. Your submission above showing GeekBench and voltage was done using msconfig > Adv.Boot > MaxMem or bcdedit /set removememory ?
  6. I don't think so, I removed the patches from it tho and you can have it for the low price of 0.000001 ¢ents if you'd like 0088no_Ucode.CAP
  7. Love the battle with SD, and omfg Marc is here. Great day for all with 3070 = 2080ti. Stoked to see you her
  8. uCode or uCode removed ? Been trying dif bios because I have all kinds of issues/bugs. Can't get MemTweakIt to even show timings all I get is "About" tab hit Apply does nothing, hit OK program closes. TimingConfig 4.0.3/4 shows 65535 for every timing. Tried XP and W10 May 2020 update
  9. Yeah I remember now, posted this at like 2:30am on a school night lol
  10. ES definitely works for non K OC, pretty sure an old teammate of mine (DJ) was first guy to do non K OC with Biostar. Here's a Hardware 1st place of his
  11. I only used ASRock OC Formula for non K OC but for this board I remember it was all about the proper microcode and for example on Gigabyte if you had flashed a newer bios and wanted to flash to an older bios that supports non K OC you had to use FTP in Windows or DOS. Check your bios for the microcode version you have, maybe the 11T bios is not writing over that newer code. If you have an EVC2, rasp Pi, Arduino, CH341A programmer etc. that will take care of it by erasing and replacing bios
  12. You should be able to use 7A12_11T no ? I can't find 133 anywhere despite there being downloaded over 700 times. Here's all the Non-K bios I have, there must be 40+ in this folder along with pdf's of Overclocking.guide for each brand of board Non_K_OC.zip
  13. Think this is it setfsb_2_3_178_134.zip
  14. Somethings off with this sub. Screenie shows 3294 XTU score but posted 3302 pts for Superposition 8k ?
  15. Mine came from China via EBay https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=ddr3+memory+tray&_sacat=58058
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