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  1. I like it, now get some Industrial PPC or TT Toughfan Turbo's and get that Gold !
  2. Agreed ! Great kindness once again David ! FYI, I'm OUT of the CONTEST
  3. Are you thinking of Allen's custom PSC kit's with 8155KO pcb ? http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?286435-I-bin-PSC-per-IC-at-Home-!! The kit I was lucky enough to get from Splave was not uber good like some of the others but still better than random bin. I gave them to Noxinite when he was having hardware troubles as a little pick me up, plus I wanted to see what he can do with them since I never pushed them very hard
  4. Finally showing off the epic 2 core, must have binned at least 100 according to my data 😉 😉
  5. Tuning controller available on it's own ? I assume you got it from Z590 Godlike board but would be a great add on feature for the Unify-X series and looks like at least the Z590 -X has JDASH1 to connect to
  6. Lots of ways to do this, start here (AB 2.2.4) since you have been trying ABX 2.2.3 This was from UnWinder 680 Lightning On 2.2.4 you may edit Lightning hardware profile files (.\Profiles\VEN_10DE&DEV_1180....cfg) and add the following lines there: [Settings] VDDC_Generic_Detection = 0 VDDC_CHL8318_Detection = 46h VDDC_CHL8318_Type = 1 Those lines disable NVIDIA's capped voltage control module, enable voltage control via direct access to CHL8318 and select offset voltage control mode for it. Note: each card profile must be edited for SLI configs. You can add this to the "OEM" file of many/most versions of AB, I know 411 HWBot works here I think I have one saved LN2 BIOSs FOR THE FIRST 5000 LIGHTNING 680s (non-LN2) (unlocked LN2) AFTER THE FIRST 5000, WE'VE SEEN THESE LN2 BIOSs FROM THE FACTORY: (unlocked LN2) (unlocked LN2) (locked LN2) (locked LN2) (non-LN2) (non-LN2) https://www.overclock.net/threads/official-msi-gtx-680-lightning-owners-club.1280007/ EVC should hook up here ! Have fun 893761724_MSIAfterburner2.2.4.zip MSIAfterburner.oem2
  7. Additionally you should be able to trick Macrium into thinking the date is earlier using "runasdate" runasdate.zip
  8. Interesting, I watched several videos about 11 yesterday and all said the leaked iso does not run on bare metal. VM/UnRaid seemed to be the "best" way
  9. Flashed to 3601 and same problem now, Can't touch memory timings at all or 0d Stays 0d retry, safe boot, reset, power down and Start again Must clear cmos to get back into bios. Same with 5600x and 5700x Tried SR and DR B die kits from G.Skill and OLOy. Could it be because I used EZ Flash in bios to flash from 3202? to 3601 ? Never know best way to flash with these modern ASUS platforms, recently it's been a coinflip at best the gamble is real. Sure I have ways to flash back or flash another bios but this is getting old fast and it's not just AMD platform Intel has been just as bad, mostly Z490 but 390 and 590 have their issues as well
  10. I updated my board before ever installing 11th gen cpu, The mistake I made was only using bios flashback for every flash I was of the impression since APEX IX that is the way to go to make sure everything gets updated So once I installed the 11600k it went through long bios is updating sequence and longer blackscreen Switching back to 10th gen didn't help, the "damage" was already done and by damage I mean 2nd bios chip not responding to Start button Must use external flasher to repair this via SPI header and bios 1/2 jumper Standard stuff for most of us here. I use Rasp Pi usually but have used EVC2 with some success Problem is I do not have SPI Booster so the Pi is more reliable I think this is the latest bios (2201) posted by SafeDisk at 11th gen cpu thraed at OCN ROG-MAXIMUS-XII-APEX-ASUS-2201.7z
  11. Nice Job AKM ! and Ironbrillopad that looks a rare Miller Modded Gigabyte G-Power
  12. Nice, I've been looking at that exact one that starts with 2x4gb ram, 256 nvme ssd, RX 5500 x, etc https://www.hp.com/us-en/shop/ConfigureView?langId=-1&storeId=10151&catalogId=10051&catEntryId=3074457345619965322&urlLangId=&quantity=1 mostly because I wanted to test the Ryzen 3 apu also like you
  13. Thanks my friend ! I do spend a lot of time researching and learning about anything and everything related to OC and benching. Learning something new is what brought me here and the community was very open to teaching me the tricks of the trade So since day one I have always believed in passing it forward, whether that be simply knowledge or helping a struggling newcomer to the team I always try to make an effort just like some of the OC Icons did for me
  14. Can't forget the sweet 2dimm itx board. Here is a bunch of goodies to get ya'll excited for chance at winning an OC Touch panel for your SOC or https://www.gigabyte.com/us/Motherboard/GA-Z270N-Gaming-5-rev-10#kf Included Mod pack from Z170/270 SOC, for Gaming 5 and other bios just use "Coffee Time" or "All in One ModTool" by Revlaay 524701698_GigabyteZ270TOOLS.rar Mod_Pack.zip Z270 LN2 guide.pdf 2063405502_JooMagXOC.zip
  15. I know man, I tried tirelessly to help him with pictures and whatnot but I think I might have even set him back a step. We need to get him with an active Japanese speaking Super Pi OG
  16. After recently picking up a 280gb 900P aic I started looking for one of these as well. Was around $1.50 / gb for mine and the cheapest I've found gen 4 400 is almost $3 per ( $1200 but not in stock up to almost $4knots = no way 4 me ) Great Job tho OVIZ HWLab !
  17. Performance PC's has them here in the US for $35 https://www.performance-pcs.com/water-cooling/water-block-accessories/delidding-tools-accessories/der8auer-delid-die-mate-2-fsd8-019.html They do Int'l shipping but I'm sure they'd ask for exact address for a quote. Too bad you're not local, I'd order one for you right away If you can't find in Eu, I'll pay for the part if you pay shipping Titan Rig and Amazon have em too for $50
  18. Yes this this this this, when can we buy. Pretty sure it's going to end up at $599 like the APEX but who knows, heard they wanted much lower price but kinda got carried away with the best hardware ? I stopped the insanity of the APE XII after a lot of "fun" with RKL. Well when it decided to try and fry my only working nice OC Panel the other day. Only board right now in the US worth buying, especially after going to best buy to get any Z590 board and coming home with some sort of edging gaymer by MSI
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