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(FS)Good DDR4-Hynix/ Mushkin DDR3/ VGAs


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up for sale are a couple of items I no longer need




1. 4x4GB Patriot Viper4 DDR4-3200C16-16-16-36 1,35v


Almost new, only bought for tests and to confirm ICs, seems Patriot used quite strong Hynix on these two sets, both do 3200 c12-15-15-28 tight easily, tested for 1,59v and 1,65v BIOS on OCF, both boot the 3200c11 profile but one kit hangs at windows enter, second after post, I didn´t bother to tweak on this as I am no Hynix-man. Better than half of the Geil 3333 kits I had and all of my Kingstons, so I decided to offer them here for people who search good hynix for cold use. PCB is solid, mems are in mint condition, voltage scaling very good


jd801427rlxab.jpg jd801420dnxi3.jpg 483200c12-15-28159v32zdsfq.jpg


2. 3x2GB Mushkin Blackline DDR3-1600 C7-8-7-20 1,65v


Working, tested with several tools including memtest, I used them for 24/7 a while on 1155 before I switched to my old bench Samsungs I still had in the drawer. In a wooden case with original sheet of Mushkin




3. Sunbeam Rgeobus fan control


Works, tested and approved, I do not need it anymore. A classic, able to control 4 fans and a collectors item already




4. ATI Radeon X1900XT Crossfire edition+CF Dongle


The card works, but sometimes shows random Vram errors, not sure what causes this because the card is benchstable even with oc. Including the CF-Dongle which you can use for all X8xx to X1950XTX Crossfire setups. Because of the mentioned weakness offered cheaper than usual



5. Asus Radeon X2900XT 512MB defective


Card gets hot, when it moves to 3d mode it freezes. Non ovened, with TR-03 cooler if I see this correctly.




6. Sapphire AMD HD5850 1024MB defective?


The card often boots only at pcix8 and shows problems when I install discrete driver, no idea what causes this. Bought it for GPUPI tests just to see I do not need it and then did not bother long with it.




Prices in Euro

1. 140 Euros+ shipping

2. 25 Euros+ shipping

3. 10 Euros+ shipping

4. 15 Euros+ shipping

5. 10 Euros+ shipping

6. 10 Euros+ shipping


All items are located at germany, shipping depends on transporter, size and value, on the cheaper items like vgas and the fan control, imho only combined shipping with other items make sense, for the Patriot I can offer 12 Euros deutsche post tracking and insurance for example or 15 Euros with dhl in europe. Payment with paypal or western union, buyer covers fees, this is way I calculate.


Disclaimer: Private sale, no returns and no warranty provided by me. On oc, ymmv, but I use normal air cooling for all of my results, these should be reproducable therefore

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Shipping to USA is no problem. will be around 12 Euros including tracking and insurance, tests were on Asrock Z170 OCF BIOS 1,43V with 6700K, IO and SA 1,1 and 1,15v,, when I found XTU, Spi32M and cinebenches stable I also made a Memtest86 run to confirm used voltage is stable. I made all tests at 4,5ghz Core and Cache to generate bandwidth and pressure on the Ram, my normal routine when I test bench memory

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