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For Sale: strong 5960x, rampage 5 extreme


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Hello guys,


Selling a pretty impressive J513b008 batch 5960x and a rampage 5 extreme it was used in.



My heatware - http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=92588


Payment - Paypal verified members only.


shipping - i cover 100% shipping costs to US48




1. Intel I7 5960X.


Price - $1200 USD Shipped to anywhere in US48.


I bought this chip back in August from Hiwa here on HWBot. I was planning on freezing it but since August i havent had time to freeze anything, ive barely had time to even mess around with water overclocking. The cpu has been used for youtube browsing in my daily rig since then because of the no time to overclock issue. It has barely been put under any load. Just trying to make back what i spent on it originally.


Testing below was done with cinebench r15 on water with ambient temps around 24c. Stock cache settings, 3200 c16 16gb gskill ram.


Chip will do 4.5ghz @ 1.128, probably a bit lower than that but didnt really try much on 4.5ghz.


Chip will do 4.6ghz @ 1.193v, can probably do lower but i went to 4.7 instead of testing more.


Chip will do 4.7ghz @ 1.286v, again can probably do lower but i dont have time to test more.


Did not test above 4.7ghz on this cpu but im sure 4.8 and above is possible on water with this chip.


cache will do 4.5 @ 1.2v with the core at 4.5, did not test any higher than that due to not enough time.


No guarantee of overclocking results, these are just my quick results to show what i got from the cpu in the limited time i had to play with it.


No testing done sub zero :(


Link to Hiwa overclock results before i bought the cpu - http://i376.photobucket.com/albums/oo202/hiwapouri/screen006_zpso6xc2nzk.jpg


"Hi Guys

for sell my good 5960X retail Tray version J513 batch can do 58XX 1.72 Cinebench 15 on RVE" - Hiwa










2. Asus Rampage 5 Extreme.


Price - $375 USD Shipped to anywhere in the US48.


Bought it last year around the time it released. Runs perfectly, its in almost brand new condition except its a little dusty because i run it on an open air dimastech bench. Can be cleaned off very easily. No scratches, no bent pins, no dents, etc etc. Comes with all original packaging and accessories including the Asus OC Panel. Motherboard is running the latest Bios version.











If you want to purchase both items i will make a combo price of $1500 total shipped. Thats $75 off if you purchase both.



Thanks for viewing!

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