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davidmoffitt - Core i7 6700K @ 4590MHz - 1468 points Cinebench - R11.5


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like you said, xtu score on a cinebench submission


yeah - the form said "upload XTU file" for hw validation" so I did, I think it somehow read from that despite my manually filling in "981" in the score form field. I'm definitely NOT trying to take credit for a CRAPPY dud of an i7 which won't hardly play friendly at 47x multi on H20 somehow beating people on LN2, maybe the mods can fix this?

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not trying to be defensive but I followed the form top-to-bottom and filed in my ACTUAL (see photo) score in the field, it seems to be a bug in their system, I'm NOT trying to take "zomg werld rekord" credit for a hwbot bug.


Hey David,


No worries, mistakes happen. Were you able to submit the score to Cinebench correctly afterwards? If not can you let me know (use mention with @) so I can check if there's an issue server side?


Thanks and have a nice weekend! :celebration:

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