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[FS] Strong 5960X !


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Hy folks,up for sale a really good cpu,more like a complete package i would say,due to something even better i found.


Running on water it does 4500@1.12V cinebench on R5E,can bench anything at 4900 with under 1.4V.On single stage where temperature varies from -50 idle to even -25 on evap head in heavy load i got it can run all benches at 5300 including xtu and vantage@5250 due to temp increase,hwbot prime at 5400,all with under 1.5V ,gpu pi at 5300 with all positive temps :D











Cache runs 4500@1.23 and up to 4800 even on water with 1.42


IMC is particulary spectacular,i had no problems doing 3333C11 or 3600C12 on Rampage V extreme with Hynix AFR with cpu on water .






Price is 1100E shipped in EU,comes in tray with valid warranty at intel checked on website.



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1000E last offer price,i retested cpu today and the IMC is even better than i tought,probably one of the best to exit intel factory.All air cooling.


B-die 3600 11-11-11 on Rampage V extreme,stock VCCSA voltage,1.84 Vdimm.Cpu has vid of 0.912 for whom interested.





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