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[FS] Strong 4790k


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Strong 4790k 4.9 ghz realbench 1 hour stable @ 1.3v. I ran the CPU at 1.33v 24/7 on ambient, @ 5 Ghz, never had any BSOD in benches or everyday use. Doesn't appear to be realbench 1 hour stable at this voltage though, but 2 hour XTU stress test, or 24/7 use + benchmarking R15/ XTU is no problem.



CPU is delid, I have original box so RMA is no issue if needed.


I should also mention IMC is good, I can do 2800-2860 9-12-12-17 fully tight @ very low IOA/IOD/VSA volt, AUTO IOD/IOA and +0.050 will get the job done most of the time in my experience!




5.2 ghz 32m @ 1.345v on water:







On dice @ pot temp -55c, it does 5814 mhz R15 @ 1.655v




XTU 5.55G, no slow mode @ 1.621v on DICE




HWBOT Prime @ 5957 mhz 1.69v DICE





Realbench screenshot:









Price: $375 shipped anywhere in USA.


PayPal goods & services, I'll eat the fees, I don't mind.

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