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  1. Good one Splave, even with lower clocks you got 1st. Hope you have some other subs to do soon :D.
  2. Remember that IMC scales with cold. You tried more than 3666 MHz with those timmings?. Maybe 3866 is doable :D. Keep pushing
  3. Seems MSI MEG is the board to go. Amazing how far you can go with 32C TR!.WOW
  4. Samsarulz

    Laurae - 2x Xeon Gold 6130 - 4651 cb Cinebench - R15

    102 MHz BCLK should be doable. Keep it pushing
  5. 1024 GBytes of RAM? really hahaha. BUT those timmings = puke. This will last at 1st until 2990WX comes out. Good score for an Epyc :D.
  6. No more scaling with higher volts? looks good TBH
  7. Nice "Final Zangetsu" background. I still have to end reading Bleach. Thats a great 8700K you have there.
  8. Since "Grizzly LHE" I might guess this was not found in a USB stick. Great score as always ;)
  9. Thats a LOT of clocks for a 1800X, couldnt do more than 5100 with my best 1800X, congratz :P