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  1. Thanks, althought I'm doing streamings on Youtube with spanish language :D. Had to start doing streams in Chile because most people dont understand how does OC work . Also is more fun to tag along a live session rather than show only the results. Is a bit mesy when you do in the beginning, later you get used to it. @unityofsaints helped me with setup. Regards pd: This is my youtube channel OCX.Chile ps2: Dont mean to do spam.
  2. Look at it as a way to improve your scores. You can always look at the rules. wPrime 1.55v is the only one accepted. Regards
  3. Please close, sold locally
  4. Can MOD MB and test at my expense with a 9900K. Depends on buyer. Regards
  5. Replied. Updated the thread with some extra information.
  6. Im selling my fresh Z170M OCF back from RMA (like 2 weeks ago). Reason to sell it is that apart from this one I have 2 more samples. Will send in an alternative box (same as RMA) and some accesories like M.2 screw, SATA cable and manuals. Both Heatsinks (Chipset and VRM) are included as shown in pictures. Did some tests booting Dual channel with an i3 7350K just to be sure is working. Trained DDR4 to 4000 MHz 12 12 and 4000 MHz 12 11 with AUTO RTL/IOLs. Im leaving some pictures and a live streaming video showing MB condition. Is a bit dusty because I left over a box some a couple of days without ESD bag. WIll clean it before packaging. Youtube Video with tests: English is not my native language, but I'm trying my best at the video, hope you enjoy. Price = 200 USD + PP Fees + Shipping. Would preffer to do the sale as goods/service. No trades for now. Have sent to USA before and most of the times for packages with this weight prices are like 20-25 USD and it takes close to 15 business days (or less) upon delivery. This choice has tracking and works with USPS/17Track. Regards
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