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  1. Sent PM some days ago and no reply.
  2. Can't see the desktop screenshot with Benchmark, GPUz and CPuz tabs. Is not needed anymore?
  3. Greath thread. Very interesting stuff about origin of OC and sub0 cooling. Still needs to read all the links.
  4. Maybe. Need to figure out flight tickets. This year I already travelled to Portland/Vancouver so I need to save money for expenses. I know i have to bring my own stuff but what happens with big volume peripherals like the display monitor? Regards
  5. Normal Z170 OCF 7.51A didnt work for me to enable Coffee compatibility. Had to use only the DSanke modded one to make it work an i7 8700 and later the 9900K. Thanks!
  6. @funsoul What is the deadline to confirm assistance? And there is a limited number of "slots" (maybe 20 people is maximum for room occupation or something)? Regards
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