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AquaMark Validation....

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Seen as Im getting scores blocked due to 'insufficient verification for rankings', thought i'd have a look around for myself.


The following need addressing :-











Thats just a quick run down from the top 20 in Single card and SLI...


I know some of the results have validation links, but going by the information in the Aquamark thread on the hwbot.org homepage, these results are still INVALID.


I draw your attenttion to this inormation on the front page... :-


Aquamark submission rules updated

"As of today, aquamark03 submissions are required to have a valid screenshot which contains a screencapture of the aquamark result, cpu-z with processor tab (and preferrable memory tab too) and gpu-z (or rivatuner in case of gpu-z failure to dedect hardware properly) open.


Future aquamark submissions which do not include this information may be blocked without further notice. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but we can not moderate reported submissions properly if this vital information is missing."

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This is fine by me, and exactly how I thought things would be.. Just seems strange that in all my time on hwbot, I've never had a score reported, but in the last 2 hours I've had 2 Aquamark scores reported by hwbot mods.


The first was checked and passed by jmke, and the 2nd blocked by klopcha. Just want all of the mods to be singing off the same hymn sheet when both of my results were exactly the same as regards validation.


In my eyes it's one rule for everybody, so in which case if my result stays blocked, I have no problem, so long as the results listed in my first post are also removed.


Im not trying to cause trouble here, just want to know where i stand.


Thanks again,



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We've made a lot of effort in improving the moderator tools for the crew, and finalizing the rules to which submissions need to comply in the last week. That's why all of the sudden old submissions are being moderated.


We went from a reported submissions backlog of 1500 down to 200 in a few days, thanks to jmke, demiurg, massman and other result mods.


I'll unblock your score as strictly speaking it isn't against the current set of rules.

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