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Cinebench 9.5 or 10


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question is if we need more benchmarks...

answer is rather not...

we have 3dmarks for graphics

we have aqua for overall

we have pifast wprime super pi for cpus


what would give us cine? maybe good for 4 cores... :P


in future we should move to benchmarks that will be in this 3 categories mentioned above graphics, overall, cpu and in every category there should be less benchmarks possible (only those which best fit in every category and are best validable and so on) thats my humble opinion

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am3 is quite old i think its no objective allround benchmark ...

and it's not multithreaded ;)


cinebench is the best cpu bench in my opinion


prime and pi calculators tests only fpu but not the whole processor

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cine tells that 4 cores are better than 2 coz its optimized for 4 cores and can use them but the truth behind is that most applications, games and so on aren't optimized and pifast and others would tell u what u really get for money spent on cpu and what is real life difference between 4 cores and 2 cores for example :P and the sad truth is that for common user 2 cores are best choice and pifast and others show that and if only looking at cine one could make decision bout buing 4 cores which would be wast for him by not using them ;)

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could do the same thing u said using million threads


...and why not make it 10^24 threads while we're at it? More (useless) threads = better? I don't think so.


Using as few threads as possible, combined with as much performance as possible is what's the best. It's not like wprime tweaks your subtimings and has a built-in copywaza, or something.

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