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Pablocs08 - ProSavage8 DDR @ 133/133MHz - 2982 marks 3DMark 99 Max


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@hibip, please, read this guide how to determine your's clock generator with pll (phase-lock-loop) device:



If you'll know what model is , you can use more "modern" programs for example SetFSB:



or CPUFSB:http://www.cpufsb.de/


Photos available on google search are not good enough to determine the exact model, so you should to look straight on your motherboard and write down the chip name. Hope it'll help you :)

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Hi LUDEK. Actually I tried the CPUFSB, but with wrong IC number. In reality I didn't pay attention to read carefully the site, just as check the mobo for the right IC. So after your post I checked again everything, and you had right, now it's working :) !!!

I pushed a celeron D 330 to 3.1Ghz. 60°C is the load temperature, so I don't think I can go much further as the intel ark says 67°C Tcase for this cpu.

At the end, you helped me a lot :) so THANK YOU!!!

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