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  1. There are 2.54, 2.0, 1.27, 1.0 mm pin pitch connectors. Try to find it. But the desoldering and soldering back again is hard for 8 layers PCBs.
  2. I had once gigaboom GA EP45 UD3LR. I have done 624 mhz fsb on my old old e8200 c0 stepping, all air. I was very proud, but have no validation, only screen. It was back in 2009 or 2010, when I was starting my fascination on OC. It was before I found hwbot (polish overclock site with only screenshot to validate) Wytiwx, thanks for sharing the knowledge! Edit: I have found this! LINK it was 1.7 Volt, stock NB AIR cooling
  3. I have never played with 3d benchmarks, (but now I am). I remember old aquamark benchmark. It is one of good old one, that run on GeForce 2 or pentium 3 integratedGpu. I didn't know about any work-arounds like resolution changing before save the result. It would be great if the Aqua wrapper project was resurrected.
  4. So to meet HWBot rules I can't simply do a score "as in the old days" without "wrapper" app? Is there any clue what happens to the wrapper? Is this to do with low memory count? Or some software timmings?
  5. I also have a problem with Aquamark. First, It doesn't start on my i845 integrated GPU. But, after playing around with priority, aquamarka does start. Then I have to start aquamark and my result is shown, but after this, the hwbot aquamark "launcher" app is closing... and it's frustrating, because I wait 30 minutes (lol old gear) and there are no results! Is there any solution?
  6. Yes, thanks Hmm this is strange thing. Lenovo doesn't care to name their motherboards even though there are some nice writings on the PCB. I have done a little research and it seems like there are quite a few versions of "lenovo lenovo" system.
  7. Thanks, well done! Have you discovered anything special in the BIOS? For example "hidden" shortcut (like in Gigabyte CTRL+F1) or something else interesting?
  8. So I found another motherboard. It's called Lenovo Lenovo... wait, what?! there is an old version with 945 chipset. And mine is another rev. with P45 chipset: https://valid.x86.fr/l1j2xm After a short search in google these should be called: old-one LENOVO -> ThinkCentre A55 (at least this one submission LINK) new-one LENOVO -> ThinkCentre M58, M58p (mine looks exacly like this: LINK) So I don't know. What will you do? To split into a few motherboards but called as in the CPUz? Or just I will upload my score to LENOVO LENOVO motherboard?
  9. Nice tweaking, I can see that you have tweaked even the tWRRD timmings, so next stop is subzero on mems?
  10. ludek

    Dual GPU`s Wanted

    Whoa, thanks for bumping, I didn't knew that 3x cards ever existed. Asus Trinity, nice Well my friend wants to sell something like 7900 GX2 or 7900 GX2, I don't know which one, but for shure it's the more common one. As far as I remember it has GPU from two other half-working cards.
  11. That's interesting! When I was OCing a mobile Socket P, playing around with SPD was the only way to achieve better result. But that is pain if there are completely no OC options in BIOS. This makes OC harder, but also more fun. Sometimes I had to desolder SPD chips (in DDR2 it's I2C memory for example 24C02) and reflash them. It's good to have hot air station, a programmer and soldering station. Keep pushing One question, do you use SPD Tool? Or it's something more sophisticated piece of software? // EDIT: Always do a backup of your SPD! It's worth your while.
  12. Wow, thanks. This is interesting, because I tried to install the nV drivers for chipset. Will try next weekend. Thanks! //edit I remember that before installing DRVs I had 3 devices in device manager with no driver. After installation I had still one without driver. So next time I'll install every single driver...
  13. So is it a bug in CPUz? I have lots of validation files from the day, so I can tell you that no one is "valid". Please tell me what should I do? Contact https://valid.x86.fr/ admins? Send them valid files from older cpuz versions? Throw away my AM2 platform? Ehhh...
  14. Well I tried the win98 version. I actually tried everything! I have validation files from 3 different versions of cpuz. Can I contact CPU-z directly by e-mail or something? I have even recorded a short video and have a few screenshots showing timmings scaling the FSB frequency. I tried to play around with cpuz.ini - no go. So what to do with these old gear, that I can't validate? //edit here is another valid from this platform. I have even installed all the drivers and played every option in BIOS, but no go. But now I have now the knowledge to reproduce the score.
  15. Ok, so I have a question. Recently I put my Asus M2N-SLI DELUXE out of the storage box. I spent about half a day to do this score. But always says "REJECTED"! Can I upload this score to HWBOT? I was trying to see FSB, but no luck. Only CPUz 1.4 to 1.6 or 1.7 I think can read FSB. Newer versions only shows CPU Frequency. I'm glad that the CPU freq is shown! So here is valid in question: https://valid.x86.fr/0dla32
  16. yes!! Its fujitsu siemens. Sorry! Dell/fujitsu/compaq is the same crap bios! So I thought that it's dell. I can see it's ok in DB. thx
  17. pls add this: https://valid.x86.fr/xz35dg Dell D1534 socket 478 chipset i865G (i've checked the die)
  18. Hi! I want to report a bug and tell you a few words and add ideas. So here is a bug above comment section. https://hwbot.org/submission/4696660 the bug (is in the middle): Also, Please add: -ability to edit "motherboard" and "Processor" sections after I want to upload another motherboard reference clock submit using the same CPU. Or when I want to upload a benchmark result using the same motherboard. Some of these versions were bugged, I don't remember which one. -add "my last 20 scores" on my wall. I think 20 is fine. It helps me to find out which sc
  19. please add ACER Tangiz, socket P, chipset GL960. This is the mobo from Acer 5220. https://valid.x86.fr/mwhkgk i can tell you, some good socket P will be soon :)))
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