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  1. I want to help you guys. I have something like 4 nf7's, AN7, asus NF2 board and one burned DFI Infinity (don't know what is burned). I also have lots of Socket A cpu's (40-50pcs). Do you want me to check some things on these boards/CPUs? I know that you also have a lot of gear to play with, but just wanted to let you know that there are some more people interested in this "vintage" motherboards/platforms. Thanks for your work.
  2. On intel 945 it was impprtant to use some fsb:pci:pcie ratio. Sa I think that software fsb raising changes maybe only fsb, but no pci. I dont know if i'm right, but this might be a hint. Have you tried other ddr1 sticks? I remember also that when i have been ocing integrated gpu on intel, there was very unexpected behaviour between stick's ic's. Bh5 were worse than tccd and tcc5 were the best. Im interested what is blocking you? Cpu? Memory? Mem controller? Chipset/fsb? Pci clock? Some weird timmings? Board layout? Temperature? Voltage? That's a lot of stuff.... Nice clocks btw.
  3. What? I was thinking that 240 mhz is max on intel ddr1 imc. Nice. Not samsung TCCD or bh5 or bh6?
  4. Hmm looks liek this: https://nucblog.net/2018/04/gemini-lake-nuc-nuc7cjyh-review/ nuc7cjyh
  5. Does the hardware have to be unlocked (for example pull down resistor on a specific pin of chipset or pll) for ocing g2? I have seen msi predator notebooks with the same or similar chipset and overclockers fund the way to oc it. I was wondering how is this possible on notebooks.
  6. Do you jave schematics for turboPLL? I can do it in kiCad. What clocks are needed to be replaced? Cpu clock only or its more sophisticated like clk synchro in a proper ratio cpu:ram:agp:pci:usb and so on? Does anyone dig in this technical flavours? Is it only compatible with for example only pentium3 and p2?
  7. Nice, better chipset than i815, didn't know that i845 has sdram support. I have tested p4 platform i845 and 864, and i875 and I think that all of these have the same memory controller, only difference is dual channel and PAT technology (and maybe ecc?). I remember that all of them ends around 240-250 MHZ mem. So looks like you maxed out this chipset, maybe quimonda wants more, but now I consider this motherboard as the best choice for ocing sdrams. Nice mo-bo, nice score.
  8. I maybe will help you. Read my descriptions: https://hwbot.org/submission/4696627_ludek_reference_frequency_p5gc_mxgbl_429.55_mhz https://hwbot.org/submission/3680997_ludek_reference_frequency_conroe1333_d667_r1.0_424_mhz long story short: try to make shure if FSB:PCIe ratio is always 3 +/-5% and maybe it will make your score higher. \ my motherboards are 945GC, but it may be applicable to yours as well.
  9. I had once gigaboom GA EP45 UD3LR. I have done 624 mhz fsb on my old old e8200 c0 stepping, all air. I was very proud, but have no validation, only screen. It was back in 2009 or 2010, when I was starting my fascination on OC. It was before I found hwbot (polish overclock site with only screenshot to validate) Wytiwx, thanks for sharing the knowledge! Edit: I have found this! LINK it was 1.7 Volt, stock NB AIR cooling
  10. I have never played with 3d benchmarks, (but now I am). I remember old aquamark benchmark. It is one of good old one, that run on GeForce 2 or pentium 3 integratedGpu. I didn't know about any work-arounds like resolution changing before save the result. It would be great if the Aqua wrapper project was resurrected.
  11. So to meet HWBot rules I can't simply do a score "as in the old days" without "wrapper" app? Is there any clue what happens to the wrapper? Is this to do with low memory count? Or some software timmings?
  12. I also have a problem with Aquamark. First, It doesn't start on my i845 integrated GPU. But, after playing around with priority, aquamarka does start. Then I have to start aquamark and my result is shown, but after this, the hwbot aquamark "launcher" app is closing... and it's frustrating, because I wait 30 minutes (lol old gear) and there are no results! Is there any solution?
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