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  1. This is the clockgen: http://abload.de/img/clipboard04x3o3k.png what is the model of this clockgen IC? We can check in PDF what frequency options are.
  2. If you have your validation link, you don't have to upload any cpuz screenshot. http://hwbot.org/news/885_application_13_rules/
  3. I can't let this question without an answer. So, is this the highest FSB frequency score? Next one I found this: ( http://hwbot.org/submission/2270548 ) - Ivanov's 284.74 MHz with Abit NF7 V2.0 ( nForce 2 Ultra 400 ). I OCed a lot of Socket A motherboards. I OCed almost every VIA chipset on socket A (so I have a lot of experience in this matter).
  4. Looks like ASUS P5WD2 or something. For sure it's Asus and I bet i955X or i975X chipset. More interesting is the adapter. Grats, GRIFF.
  5. Yes, you are right. I don't know why I did not see VGA connector. This is clearly i865G. I see that I don't have this motherboard anymore. I was benching ~32 days ago, forgot details ^^ //EDIT: Ok! I just found the official ''user's guide'': optiplex-gx270_user's guide_en-us.pdf and here it is, i865G:
  6. Please add: 1.: PHOTO https://valid.x86.fr/93nc4w Manuf, model, chipset, socket: HP , 0AACh , Q35 , 775 2.: PHOTO https://valid.x86.fr/pkxjle Manuf, model, chipset, socket: Dell , 0N6780, 865G , 478 (If I still have this motherboard I will check the chipset, but it's not 865G because this motherboard has no integrated GPU. ) thanx
  7. Please add: socket: G1 manuf: eMachines model: eME730 chipset: Intel HM55 Valid CanardPClink
  8. Have you guys try with other bios versions? Adding/removing uCodes? I had lots of problems but it's a little different case: with 771 xeons and P965 Asus Commando. Also hanging on bootscreen. I think it's bios developers' fault. Maybe gonna find a proper volunteer hacker and hack around some bioses //EDIT but... how about Gigabyte motherboards? Those motherboards works more often with xeons. Maybe there's similar thing with other "not official" CPUs...
  9. WBXTune for i440BX http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/tools/WBX%20Tune%202.31.zip I think it's a shareware because it sometimes doesn't work. Because of developer of this tool was not using Latin alphabet, all warnings are not readable.
  10. ludek

    Please correct

    Ok, the program says 815 (without E). It says supported FSB:66,100,133. But it also says it has i752 gpu built). I don't know, I would say it is i815. Maybe somebody with i815 can do a photo/writedown modelnumbers and post it here... I just looked in datasheets "29068801.pdf" and it says: --- --- This motherboard has FW82801AA So I my curiosity was revelant Please correct this motherboard to i815 chipset (from i815E): http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/06c4h/
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