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  1. Oh thanks! I will try. How this platform clocks PCI/AGP/MEM? Is it like Pentium 3 (33:66:100:100)? or stable 33/66 and variable FSB:MEM? I saw that the only stable divider was mem 100 FSB 100 and going down. If I set in BIOS settings for example mem 200 and fsb 100, no boot or no downclocking. Is the 1:1 the only stable option to be able to manipulate fsb frequency from the OS?
  2. [sorry for the fonts! - multiple edit - sadly there is no code visible option while typing text] Hi I'm definitely done with this hobby. No time, no money, no place to keep overclocking stuff. Less than a year ago I deleted all my scores on HWBot, now I regret, admin said no way to rescue the scores But deleting was a big step to say bye bye to overclocking. So here is my list. Contact me if you want something. Most complete and updated list is on my google docs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HiPndCfjU4FosDYmoqdXCM4H_aAKYjm7qZq2F8AXvkI/edit?usp=sharing How to use my list: - number of motherboard corresponds to number of photo. Photos are linked in google spreadsheet above. - number of processors is helping me to keep stuff indexed and to send you correct one. - some CPUs are visible on collective photo. - if you see something wrong - tell me, i will correct it, take new photos or something. A brief look what’s for sale: Motherboards: The Big List Of CPUs: 775 & 771: [ i wrote down only the beginings of batch code, for example Q822A421 is now Q822A][but you can find full batch just look on entire google sheet] AMD: 754 939 Socket A [aka s462] Intel socket 1155: SOCKET P non popular, an hard platform Shipping worldwide, (well, how hard can it be?) but the buyer pays first for PC parts and shipping. No warranty on Died On Arrival. Before shipping I test everything once again! Proposed price or best offer. PayPal or SWIFT. PM me if you want something, or write here on forum. Example photos: [more on google sheet] socket A 754/939/am2 s478 Core 2 Duo s1155 ddr3 Micron D9 Asus P4C800 DFI NF4 Abit NF7 Epox EP-3PTA (s370) EDIT: - Added: Asus Commando (from my friend) fully working, no mods, 60 USD) SOLD OUT: Sorry people, I'm very busy to ~10 january, due to my work. Sorry for slow response! (should overclock my brain)
  3. Hi, so here is my attempt to attack the CPU-Z Validator World Record, this one -> "[LULZ] Most Miserable Frequency Reached with a Duron". https://valid.x86.fr/records.html So here it was when I started a week ago: My first approach was to collect some data: 1. cheapie 307 MHz (8 * 38.38 MHz); Duron 800(?), VIA KT133, SDRAM 2. TerraRaptor 333.26 MHz (5 * 66.65 MHz); Duron L1 mod probably, NF2 3. 0xCats 334.06 MHz (5 * 66.81 MHz); KT266 4. trodas 398.49 MHz (6 * 66.41 MHz); KT266 5. "GIGABYTE" 501.19 MHz (5 * 100.24 MHz); KT133 Gigabyte 7ZXR 6. tukz 531 MHz (8 * 66.38 MHz); SiS 735, K7S5A The slowest Duron I found on Cpu-world database is 600MHz, so 6x100. So Terraraptor and OxCats done L1 mod (unlock multiplier). I did this too. The problem is you can set multiplier only by BIOS. (or maybe there is a software to modify non-mobile CPUs? CrystalCPUID doesnt work). Since I have a LOTS of motherboards I tried the slowest: ECS K7S5A (SIS, PLL:BIG-STEPS, 66.66 MHz is lowest) 100/75/66 ECS K7S6A (SIS, PLL:BIG-STEPS, 66.66 MHz is lowest)(the same IC) ECS K7VZA (VIA KT133A, PLL:BIG-STEPS, 100 MHz is lowest) ABIT KG7-LITE (AMD RARE Chipset, did 76MHz x7 (536MHz CPU)) GIGABYTE GA-7VA (VIA KT400, good one <59 MHz, but no multi settings in BIOS, ended up with dead MB, because my MODBIN skills are weak) did 60MHz x7 (421MHz CPU) ASUS A7V600-X (VIA KT600, below 100MHz unstable) ASUS A7N8X-E (FTW!) Nforce 2 So here is some photo: I was able to set 5x mul in BIOS and using pecular technique I was able to reach the "Bradycardia", The Duron 700 downclocked to 165 MHz (33,0 MHz x 5). The problem now is software: ClockGen goes down to 66MHz, CPUFSB also. One program I found was: "6.08-nvidia-system-tools" (71,8 MB) and minimum is 50 MHz. But it supports OC Profiles saving and loading. So I editted a profile using Notepad. For example changed 50MHz to 40 MHz. Done. So here is my technique: [video] (nothing special after first windows crashed, i have even make mistake while saving profile (3MHz instead 33) https://drive.google.com/file/d/13CyqlC27FhQNm2WcqBV0YVDkr7SMQsEp/view?usp=sharing Future: I also want to try the newer Durons like Applebread L1 mod. Newer CPUs were allowing to set 3x mul AFAIR. Am I correct? I also want to try this trick on other NF2 boards. Maybe there is a software to modify non-mobile CPUs? CrystalCPUID doesnt work.
  4. Nice to see old oc board. Fantastic score so now it's time for fastest duron spitfire? Or sempron 2200+ on nforce
  5. F7 saves validation quicker than clicking validation save file. Nice work!
  6. You can O/C all the socket M processors without need to buy and modyfing a notebook motherboard to be able to reach reasonable results. I'm talking about mods like vCpu, vMEM, vNB, unlock PLL (tme mod), bsel, and probably you can set timmings and mem/NB/FSB strap 100/133/166 MHz from bios. This is premium class gear if we talking about socket M. I was playing with socket P which is quiet simillar to socket M, and it's pain to mod these notebook motherboards, doing these mods, being limited to eg. 315 MHz fsb, reflashing eeprom on every single memory stick to achieve "reasonable" results. This is too hardcore, but possible
  7. This is relatively rare chipset. But I think igpu mem freq might be the same as main memory. So 222 or divider from this freq. Kot maybe bios photo will be adequate? Igpu is another world of benching, I tried intel igpu from 478 and 775 era, and its not nice.
  8. Very nice score! That freq! Was it hot? TEC cooling may give better score or this is motherboard limit?
  9. Nice! So you have changed pll to overclockable one? 875t-605 is overclock-disable
  10. Are you from Kazahstan? Soviet jokes applies? So, in soviet russia kill cards you?? Or card kills you?? Don't know if I put it right (or left)
  11. You talking about serious bios mods. I like it! 6x mul also helps ;) also singlechannel and 1:1 mems, memset and volt mods. Nice board to do some 3d scores with proper mems and c2qextreme
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