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[Price Check] MSI x79 mobo, 3970x, DDR3 OCZ


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I have a combo of hardware here, so I'll start with the CPU.

i7 3970x, can hit 5 Ghz on an AIO (haven't tried extreme cooling or anything like that.) submission proof:



Motherboard: MSI X79A-GD45 Plus

Great board, decent clocker (the board gets a little unstable at high volts, but just needs more cooling on the VRMS and what not to get high volts stable). Used it for almost a year, my 24/7 clock is 4.5 Ghz on the 3970x @ 1.375 volts on the core.


8x 2gb sticks of OCZ PLatinum DDR3 (the 1600 Mhz, CL8 ones) for a total of 16 gb ram. two sets are triple channel, one set is dual channel, works well together.


Thoughts on prices? Individually or as combo. I know the 3970x typically goes for like $300-$400, not sure on the rest. Thanks!

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