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People submitting stock/turbo speeds

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There's 3 submissions for the i5-6600 which are just stock speeds, the BCLK is at 100MHz and the multiplier is set to 33-39, which is the default.






Technically you could say the last one is overclocked, but 100.05MHz BCLK is such a tiny increase from 100MHz that it would make no difference to performance at all.


Is this allowed or should they be removed?

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Guest TheMadDutchDude
These results are on stock settings though, they're just bringing down the average.


Not every single person who subs here overclocks, though. You've got people who just run their system as is, submit, and are like "that's cool!"

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I see nothing wrong with submitting with the stock speed filled in, a good spread of results makes the processor comparison charts more useful for a person looking to build a system and not necessarily run it overclocked as the charts are based on average performance.


It's also useful when scanning results to see what a stock processor can do, some motherboards may have a slightly higher default base clock which might affect the results. It's all good as far as I can see, it's not like a normal person will use LN2 but nobody complains about that throwing the average OC.

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