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  1. I know for Cheap as chips the you have to have a valid futuremark link but what about Challenger does the link have to be valid or you just have to have a link LOD is OK or not?
  2. Do the 3DMark subs still have to be valid on Futuremark as in the rules on the first page or is just a link Ok. If they have to be valid check out Ardamir's Skydiver sub.
  3. Jesus the same background from R1 was up there a couple of days ago and I even waited till the start time to run the benches just didnt recheck the background again. Oh well not to worry I couldnt upload Aqua either will have another go at that as well and see if I can work out why.
  4. Just add DDR3 to the rules that rules out LGA2011 v3.
  5. Thanks. 1295mhz with the epower and water that was the first run for 3D11 I got 1465mhz for the skydiver run they are only tests for now done it with 3 litres of nitrogen leftover in the dewar. I want a card with stronger memory.
  6. No worries Alby sorry about that I will resub it later again outside the comp. BTW I couldnt get Skydiver to run it could be me so I was waiting to see if others get it to run.
  7. The rules are on the actual stage pages open the division you want click on the stage then click on "go to stage" under the scores already submitted seems simple enough to me.
  8. Only one card model otherwise everyone just goes for the top model out of the list. 5450 are a dime a dozen on fleabay its not like there isnt enough to go around.
  9. Alby I dont admire your job of moderating scores and making sure everything is above board I was just pointing out the obvious. I myself wont be submitting it until I have a monitor for it.
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