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  1. Interesting I had a look a couple of hours after the comp was closed and now I see people are appearing after it was closed.
  2. Competitions Fun and being part of a team.
  3. Install the intel openCL and whatever AMD openCL you prefer and GPUPI will give you the option to run either Intel or AMD OpenCL. And it works everytime whatever AMD openCL you desire to use
  4. Leave Teams Cup alone the format is good and it covers a wide range of hardware from DDR1 to DDR4 and participation wasnt too bad. The Challenger series and Country cup is for new Hardware and of course I know newer hardware is the way to promote the sport. As was said above some prizes are a big motivation they dont have to be great even the trophies that was given out when challenger started were nice. Promotion is the way to get more people into the sport whatever went wrong with Massman and co. I do not exactly know but the one thing I do know he was a good promoter of the sport. Some video feeds and updates on the front page would be good too.
  5. Great competition everyone it was a blast.☺️
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