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  1. Great competition everyone it was a blast.☺️
  2. Not Bad Ground I am more interested in the board is it a Premium or a Deluxe with a Premium Bios flashed?
  3. Thanks Fellas I desoldered the epower off the card last night where I put the grounds is at the edge of the ground plane its starting to delaminate so I will probably only be able to put it back on one more time. Time to look for another card.
  4. I dont care what you look like if it looks suspect I will question it also you had 2 subs in DDR1 Cine 2003 that was reported you and Darth Resin one of them was taken down somehow I dont think you were innocent there otherwise they would still be there so you have form. Enough said
  5. Alby one person cant submit 2 subs in a stage well Yosarian is at it again look at OC Krue subs in DDR2 Cine 15 both 555Be and 565Be subs are done in the same room same board sitting on the same Crosshair VI box. Wasnt he doing the same thing earlier in the comp in DDR1 Cine 2003 with a Conroe 865PE Some people never learn.😒
  6. I already thought of part of the render being covered when I ran it Benchmate doesnt work when DSR factors are initiated it opens okay you click on Cinebench everything looks good you start Cinebench and Benchmate closes without DSR factors everything works properly. I am sure some of the others have found the same thing too. I have tried to have as much of the render as visable as I can just the Benchmate widow covers the bottom right part of the render thats all. I say it should be left as is otherwise most of the subs are going to be deleted also if the render file was tampered with wouldnt Benchmate know.
  7. Nice work Good Show Over the years I have had 2 of these boards and never tried them the lack of 12v CPU power put me off will have to try one oneday.
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