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  1. I will be rerunning it condensation got the better of it real quick that was the first test run.
  2. Alby there is nowhere to say that I have unlocked a 555BE to 3 cores for DDR3 3D06 so it wont let me submit.
  3. Do you have to have 4 cards or can you just run three or two even? Seems like there wont be a lot in that stage if you have to run 4 cards
  4. Well said Matt I have competed there and here in these comps and this is what Cheapaschips is and should be a cheap video card where people can learn to mod and tune and it doesnt really matter weather you destroy the card modding it or pushing it too hard. Dont make it into something completely different
  5. After reading all this The Silver's idea that you cant remove the sub is the easiest and the best way you would be allowed a time to be able to edit any errors in the sub but say after a day the user cant change it or delete it.
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