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  1. Thanks.☺️ I might have pictures if not I will scrape the Let off the controller IC tomorrow and see what it is I done the mods a long time ago the mem mod is with fixed resistors. I think I originally got them from TPU or Guru3D
  2. I have slightly different heatsinks on my Hercules GF3 Ti 500 but they are glued on as well they not the only thing from that era that had heatsinks glued on with epoxy
  3. macsbeach98

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    Leave TPP alone all this no points these days for a new person they might get what 0.2 points for a lower score but they also get a couple of Team Power Points which gives them some enthusiasm to continue at least they are getting something. When I first started I thought I will give this a go and was using Socket A which I had 2 solid state drives in Raid 0 it was just the way I had it setup and a Gainward 7800GS and was getting points and Gold Cups for PCM04 and 05 and I was hooked for SPI, wprime and such I sucked and was getting 0.1 points or thereabouts. If it hadnt of been for the points I was getting for 04/05 and the TPP I probably would of just walked away. You are supposed to be making it attractive for new members to join and have fun not just the people that are experienced and have the latest and greatest binned hardware. Giving no points weather it be user points or TPP doesnt make it look very good for new members. Not many worry about Team points anyway so why change it.
  4. Dont worry I am not complaining at all I am quite happy with it :)
  5. Thanks I would of liked better probably give it another run later CPU is a potato though.
  6. Thanks I would of liked better my CPU is a potato
  7. macsbeach98

    cpu limitation

    Nitrogen or Bust😉
  8. macsbeach98

    cpu limitation

    I understand from your point Alby dont worry about that I dont expect 20 Divisions. I just think its funny how you can run every APU that will fit in a Crossblade Ranger its like FM2 socket against AM3+.socket. It should be one or the other. If GPUPI isnt divided by core count shouldnt be a problem.
  9. macsbeach98

    cpu limitation

    Again we cruel the FX Octocore so the small and later released more efficient APUs can compete. I always thought Bracketed Competitions were about people competing with the same or very similar hardware not a wide scope of different hardware with different efficiencies..
  10. As far as I know GM965 only supports 200Mhz only really way to find out if it will support 266mhz would be to stick the CPU in and see how it goes. If you BSEL the processor for 200mhz bus 200x11=2200mhz not faster than what you got maybe a better option would be a X9000 processor 200x14=2800mhz and it has the 6Mb L2 cache. P.S. I am a big fan Tin a silent lurker on Xdevs and KPC☺️