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  1. macsbeach98

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    The rules are on the actual stage pages open the division you want click on the stage then click on "go to stage" under the scores already submitted seems simple enough to me.
  2. macsbeach98

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    Only one card model otherwise everyone just goes for the top model out of the list. 5450 are a dime a dozen on fleabay its not like there isnt enough to go around.
  3. macsbeach98

    PRO OC 2019 Round 1

    Alby I dont admire your job of moderating scores and making sure everything is above board I was just pointing out the obvious. I myself wont be submitting it until I have a monitor for it.
  4. macsbeach98

    PRO OC 2019 Round 1

    Wasnt the idea of having to show the full render to stop cheats modifying it to get a boost in the score. How the hell can that be legal the right side and bottom half of the render is off the screen in both shots bring on the cheats.
  5. macsbeach98

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    5450 is cheap has got my vote.
  6. macsbeach98

    [FS] 50L dewar

    I am interested in #24
  7. macsbeach98

    OSiBS season 4 design thread

    We can only hope.
  8. macsbeach98

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    Looks Good Frederick.
  9. macsbeach98

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    I agree that getting rid of Globals for 2/3/4 way setups is a good idea its just a way to get big globals without a lot of effort. I think that HWBot getting rid of the challenger series (Road to Pro) would be doing itself a disservice even though some of the top level benchers dont compete it gets a good roundup of competitiors in all divisions and a lot of people like it.
  10. well you wont be able to take any screenshot at all and you get no cigar.🙂
  11. I agree any snipping should be outlawed completely taskbar and full screen should be shown in all subs.