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[FS]3600C15 TDZ !


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Again for sale another memory kit,the DDR4-3600 15-15-15 TDZ ,,brand new received from RMA in exchange of some 4000c19 tdz i sent a while ago .... Kit is like new,briefly tested on Impact and OCF-M,does 4000 12-12-12 1.90-1V and scales good with voltage for up to 4133 12-12-12 on OCF-M with 2V real,where stability can be improved with a better ambient(mine is 28 sadly) and more time in testing.



Price is 210E shipped in Europe,payment via Paypal with taxes taken care by the buyer.







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possible but lower stability can post but not boot,impact does not benefit higher RTL seems,OCF-M seem to have diff training rules.In any case,my ambient is too high atm and b-die hates heat,if u put some little winter air or cold on these 2066 for xtu and other benches should be easy.

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Guest george.kokovinis


With all respect, I can verify that.

After installing a huge 14" Noctua 3000 rpm Enterprise fan blowing cold air directly on the mem sticks, their behavior changed dramatically.


Bump for a good friend.

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