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Rampage Extreme x48 - How to disable cores for superpi??


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Hello everyone!

I'm stuck trying to find a bios option in my rampage extreme x48 to disable more than 1 core.

I could just find the "multi-threading" under "cpu configuration" but this disable only one core in my q6600.

Is there any option to disable 2 or even 3 cores on bios?

I'm running the last official bios, 1301.


Thanks in advance!

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You can't but in Windows you can

Msconfig you can choose the number of core


Yeah i did the msconfig, but that is not the splution i'm looking for because i want to disable cores in order to get higher cpu clocks.

I saw some top scores from users using q6600 and q8400 with only one core enable and very high fsb, that would be impossible to ancheive using all 4 cores.

Could they be using custom bios?

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