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  1. Rbuass told me once to bench because i like it and for the fun, not for the points... That totally makes sense now.
  2. I totally understand man. Congrats for all your effort. Have you tried to reproduce this with pifast and superpi? Do u think they can be cheated too?
  3. That's it, i give up. Stand up paddle will be my new hobby.
  4. The thing is: we are living an e-sports and mining generation, and since 90's i can't remember hardware parts being so discussed and show on TV like the last 2 years. On the oposite, Hwbot does not have any other site to compete against, however the last 2 years was really bad in terms of overclock community, mainly here. XS is also a huge database of information about overclock, but o don't see many movement in there too... I don't have a solution, but i think overclock community is loosing a good chance to grow.
  5. Agree with making it easy for new members only.
  6. This. Although i still think that 3d benchers should earn more points if u want to keep the point system, simple because who knows how to bench 3d knows 2d too (almost every good 3d overclocker started with 2d). Also, disable points for old 3d benchmarks (ok maybe keep 3dm03) just because they became 2d benchmarks... It's really strange to see guys in the top 20 world ranking who never touched a soldering iron to mod their own hardware...
  7. Limit cpu speed in some competitions (challenges and so on...), and maybe even mem ram speed, so we can differentiate who really have the knowledge to bench from those who just have lots of money to buy pre-modded and binned hardware (the only skill they have is to flash modded bios).
  8. Casanova

    Xeon L3014

    I'm looking for a sample of the Xeon L3014, if anyone here have it please contact me so we can make a deal. Thanks in advance
  9. Muito bom ver você postando resultados, pelo jeito amanhã vem recorde mundial :)
  10. Arrebentou mestre Ronaldo, parabéns pelo resultado :)
  11. Congratulations Alex, smashed it! Direct die? BTW, amazing battle against Splave \,,/