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  1. This ng80386sx-33 is not available under amd or intel database options. I opened a ticket under support forum, thanks :)
  2. Casanova

    Please add old cpu ng80386sx-33

    @Antinomy please add this cpu to the database, i could not find it under Amd 80386 options. Thanks in advance
  3. @Leeghoofd Sorry for marking you here, but i don't know who from staff can add hardware to the database. Thanks in advance!
  4. Please add this processor to the database so i can edit this result using the correct one. Photos included
  5. Mods already said it is a 100% OK result, so move on Daimons, please waste your time benching, it's much more fun than digging others results. Try to bench for the fun, not for the points.
  6. Great run Pete, i'll bench cold this month, willing for a good result as yours.
  7. Bin e7xxx is a must, i'm not bining it, but already tried 1x e7500 1x e7400 and 1x e7200 tbe less bad was e7200 470fsb but due to low multi it performs worst than e7500 with 415fsb. Good luck binning it Allen, hope you find a gold one.
  8. Things were not that easy in ddr2 era than nowadays hardware, plus wolf 3m are usually crap
  9. Tipic full of yourself guy. Are you paying something here? No? So shut the fuck up man, Hwbot is not your house...
  10. Casanova

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    NO ES HARDWARE ALLOWED, NO ES HARDWARE ALLOWED, NO ES HARDWARE ALLOWED, NO ES HARDWARE ALLOWED, NO ES HARDWARE ALLOWED, NO ES HARDWARE ALLOWED.... Was this clear enough? Like Albrecht said, ocer's try to bend rules, fucking unbelievable...